Is Jinger Duggar Pregnant?

Is Jinger Duggar Pregnant? August 18, 2016

RumorsThis comes from a gossip site – The Hollywood Gossip – and involves a blind item from another gossip site so please take all of this with a boulder of salt the size of Gibraltar. But if it’s true, if, it might explain some of the more puzzling things about the Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo courtship.

Here’s what THG said:

Absolutely, but there’s no denying the fact that as Duggar relationships go, this one has been different from the very beginning.

It’s not just the fact that they’re flouting the extremely strict rules that Jinger’s parents have enforced for all her other siblings.

The fact that they’re doing early, often and in a very public manner has many wondering if the fact that Jinger and Jeremy have been sexually active is something of an open secret in the devoutly religious family.

And here is the original blind item that Crazy Days and Nights posted. Does it not sound like a Duggar child?

“This one of a million kids is apparently pregnant. That will definitely not make into the program. Better have them elope quickly.”

If this is true I want to know how Jinger and Jeremy managed to circumvent the ‘always chaperoned’ rule? Here’s a few reasons that it might actually be the truth.

  • Jinger has always been the rebel Duggar. Well, as much of a rebel as you can be and still live in Duggartown.
  • Both Jinger and Jeremy have flouted some of the Duggar courting rules on things like side hugs and other physical public displays of affection.
  • As a rebellion this could be about the worst thing Jinger could passively-agressively sock old control freak father Jim Bob Duggar with.
  • The couple is immediately moving to Texas, where Jeremy Vuolo’s job is, instead of doing like all other Duggar couples have done at first, which is move into the family compound in Arkansas. Why else would Jim Bob relinquish his hold on the young couple?
  • The speed at which the relationship is moving seems to be very rapid.
  • Under Jim Bob’s theology the fact that his daughters were molested by his son Josh already makes them ‘damaged goods’ so it’s not that big a step from feeling like damaged goods to premarital sex.

I guess only time will tell if this rumor is true. What do you think? The main good that could come of this besides the fact that Jinger would finally be escaping her family and living for the first time is that it might just be the last nail in the coffin for the Duggar family having any traction or integrity left.

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