Jessa Duggar Seewald Pregnant Again

Jessa Duggar Seewald Pregnant Again August 23, 2016

newsThis one is not idle speculation or a blind news item. It was announced today that Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant with her second child. Official Duggar mouthpiece People Magazine broke the news this morning that Spurgeon Seewald is getting a brother/sister in February. This news comes just in time to hype the second season premiere of the new Duggar television show ‘Counting On’ tonight on TLC.

From People:

“We are overjoyed to announce that Spurgeon has a new title in life as ‘big brother!’ ” the couple said in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. “We are so thankful that God is adding to our family.”

Here’s hoping this pregnancy and delivery go easier than last time, or that Michelle Duggar gains the wisdom to call for medical transport earlier if this delivery unfolds like the first one.


On a side note. While we’re not going to report on every jot, tittle or Duggar-related bit that ends up in the media we will always be posting if it’s something big, like a pregnancy. The Duggars being the public face of the Quiverfull movement means there will still be the random post on the Duggars at NLQ.

Surprised and pleased that Jill Duggar Dillard hasn’t gotten pregnant again seeing that she has been living in an area that has experienced widespread Zika virus outbreaks.

There was speculation earlier in the year that either Jessa or Jill would have a pregnancy timed specifically for the show. Not sure there’s that type of forethought and planning involved here but it does raise an interesting question.

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  • A baby with hydrocephalus would make them even more of a Quiverfull martyr family!

  • Mel

    I feel oddly sad and disgruntled by this news. My husband and I are expecting our first baby come February.

    Our kiddo will have as much freedom as any other baby born in the USA.; Jessa’s kid will be born into a cult.

    Our kid will be taught by certified teachers and encouraged to pursue advanced education or training from genuine institutions; Jessa’s kid will be home-schooled by Jessa who received a bargain-basement education herself.

    Our kid will be financially supported by my husband and I; Jessa’s kid will be shilled on TV to support the family.

    I feel so damn sad for that kid…..

  • Emilie Bishop

    Okay, this annoys me a lot. She’s talking about wanting to adopt, then goes and gets pregnant and has to put it off. First off, what a slap in the face for the many, many families for whom adoption is the only way to add to their family because of primary or secondary infertility. Second, if you want to adopt so bad and you’re NOT infertile, great, but you need to figure out birth control. Otherwise it’ll just be this thing you talk about in the same tone as a dream vacation you’ll take as soon as you save up time and money. Adoption is more serious than that and deserves to be treated as such.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer


    *squealing and just a little bit jealous here…*

  • AuntKaylea


    One hopes that sometime between now and when the child is school aged, Jessa will come to a desire for better for her child than what she herself experienced.

  • Anonyme

    Your comment reminds me of the American Life League/Celebrate Life magazines my parents had me read when I was growing up. The magazines chock full of stories about women/parents who decided to go through with a risky pregnancy* when doctors suggested abortion, and and the baby defied the odds, which is great, of course, but the underlying theme was “in your face, evil baby hating doctors! We were right!” And when there was an article about a baby who WAS born with severe physical deformation(s), there was always some line about how dealing with it made families stronger, blah blah blah, and we should accept people who are different (a good message but twisted to fit the pro-life agenda). And if a baby died because of those deformities or from some other condition that was obvious during pregnancy, it was all “at least the parents got to say hello to the baby and hold it when it died”. Again, nothing wrong with that at face value, but used yet again to shame anyone who had had or was thinking about an abortion.

    *of course, this is the woman’s choice, or a mutual choice between partners, but that’s beside the point.

  • Anonyme

    I grew up in a pro-life household, yet only one family I know who adopted (and my extended family is huge) is one of my cousins. None of the pro-life preaching families my parents and I knew had ever adopted. I know that adoption can be expensive and difficult and of course, has a lot of red tape…but you’d think that more pro-life families would do it if they had the resources.

  • Mel

    In truth, Ben and Jessa’s (and Derick and Jill’s) wishes to adopt are substantially less likely to come true than my dream of vacationing in Puerto Rico. Private or international adoptions can cost between $10,000-$40,000. Adopting from foster care is much more affordable, but isn’t used much by fundies because of all the awkward questions asked during home studies about child-rearing beliefs.

    Plus, I can’t imagine how a self-respecting social worker would avoid asking the most obvious question on the planet: “Your older brother has admitted to molesting you and several of your sisters along with an unrelated young woman, yet he lives within _______ feet of your home. Explain how you will protect your future children from their uncle…..”

  • Mel

    In my experience, the loudest pro-life families are probably the worst potential adoptive parents available.

    I grew up in a vocally pro-life extended family and learned at a young age that there is a spectrum in all things. My immediate family is viewed as traitors because we have always believed that abortion should be safe and legal at all times; our goal was to facilitate changes that would make abortion as rare as possible. Really tricky changes like giving women access to free (or low-cost) birth control, getting a living wage for everyone, eliminating stigma towards single parents, low-cost education and child-care….you know crazy ideas like that.

    My relatives included people who couldn’t conceptualize that making abortion illegal would simply jack up the dangers towards women – and that having an abortion shouldn’t be a death sentence. I don’t mean they were in denial or were punitive towards women; they literally did not understand cause and effect on a broad scale. These are not people I would want adopting a child…..

  • Bettie Bedford

    I hope you are considering “Spurgeon” for a name!

  • Aimee Shulman

    Seriously, what on earth was wrong with “Charles”? They could have kept Spurgeon for a middle name if they were really that invested in having people know for whom the kid was named.

  • Emilie Bishop

    Totally. Which is why I wish she’d just shut up about it already!

  • Astrin Ymris

    Through the magic of crowdfunding, fundgelicals of all income levels are able to adopt without needing to save up or borrow the money. God wants them to live debt-free, because Prosperity Gospel and True Christian™ Privilege.

    The USCIS requirement for international adoption is an income which is 126% of the Poverty Level or higher, and you can count family vehicles owned as part of your “income”. Yet research shows that some of the negative effects of poverty can be found in children up to 150% of the Poverty Level!

  • Astrin Ymris

    The Zika virus is actually associated with microcephaly, but you’re not wrong about the fetishizing of special needs kids in Pro-Life propaganda. The verbiage gives the impression that they believe that severe intellectual disability makes children more holy and worthwhile than neurotypical children.

  • SAO

    Flipping through US in the grocery check out line, I read the Dillards are adopting. It sounded like a done deal.

    Obviously, plenty of adoption social workers have different standards from us — how else did the Mussers adopt so many special needs kids?

  • Anonyme

    I immediately thought of the Moody Spurgeon character from the Anne of Green Gables books.

  • SAO

    Tots with intellectual disabilities are cute and not so different from other tots. Teens are a different story and finding a workable situation for a 40 or 50-something is hell. The general rule is as long as they have an existing living arrangement (for example, with parents in their 80s) the priority is low. When the patents die, the handicapped adult gets higher priority on the waiting list, which is years long.

  • SAO

    How about Gothard? You could dress him/her in black and call her Goth for short.

  • guest

    Congratulations, Mel!

  • guest

    So what? There are millions upon millions of pregnant women on this planet today.
    I’m not that bothered by this family’s public presence as much as I’m bothered by the way they are using that public presence. I hope this Duggar generation has the sense to use their fame to actually help people in need, and to provide for their offspring.
    Every time I read about the Duggars I wonder what they have done to still be popular.

  • Astrin Ymris

    This is what I think when I read Rescue Adoption blogs in which the writer has adopted multiple Down syndrome kids from Eastern European orphanages, and keeps urging other parents to do the same. They’re going to have a hell of time once all those adorable kids become hormonal teenagers and no-longer-cute adults.

    Though in practice, they’ll probably either quietly disrupt, or get government help. It’s strange that adult immigrants have to prove that they won’t be public burdens, but the USCIS approves parents to adopt an indefinite number of intellectually disabled kids without a qualm. #ChristianPrivilege.

  • SAO

    It’s not just the hormones, it’s the size. Try lifting a small adult without help.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Sometimes the hormones bring on new types of acting out– and as you say, trying to contain a raging 140 lb teenager is a lot harder than restraining a 40 lb preschooler who’s having a tantrum.

  • Emersonian

    Mazel tov!

  • paganheart

    Okay, I had to clean off my phone screen for that one….

  • paganheart


  • SAO

    The other thing is that the government mandates all sorts of support for tots and school-aged kids. When they age out at 22, there’s remarkably little support. If the parent is lucky, a program can help find a job and coach the handicapped person to do it. In general, the jobs don’t last long, requiring another round of meetings with the jobs people, filling out forms, waiting, etc. This happens even if the person has had good reviews from every job, because the jobs for the handicapped are marginal.

    Further, the handicapped often have other medical issues that become increasingly problematic as they age. They need someone to advocate for them and get them through the system to get the care they need. Note, this is separate from the advocacy for jobs, housing, preventing exploitation or resolving issues. My brother has an issue a couple times a year. The latest was buying an iPhone with a contract he couldn’t afford, because he didn’t understand the contract. It took a lot of time to get Verizon to cancel the contract, take back the phone and refund the money.

  • Donna

    WORST. NAME. EVER. To me it always sounds like a sperm/sturgeon mashup. If I recall, I think Elliot (or Eliot?) is his middle name. I mean I know they named him after two different men they admire but still—Elliott is so much nicer by comparison.

  • jennabobenna

    1) I’m still holding out hope that Jessa and Ben pull away from QF, not least because it kills me to see that family sell their kids for beans.

    2) Congrats on the baby!!!

  • Lana

    ^what everybody wants to know