In Touch Weekly: Click Baiting Over Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Split

In Touch Weekly: Click Baiting Over Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Split September 3, 2016

Several days ago NLQ posted about an upcoming In Touch Weekly article that claimed that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s marriage was on the rocks and this reality television duo was splitting up. This claim was also made last year in the wake of Josh Duggar being revealed as a serial adulterer by the magazine. Read the cover and tell me this doesn’t make it seem like the Quiverfull couple is divorcing.

intouchAfter reading the actual article that contains unsubstantiated information on the split from that usual source ‘unnamed family insiders’ it’s not so much a split between Michelle and Jim Bob that’s the problem. According to the article the problem exists primarily between the older girls (Josh’s victims) and the parents, being spearheaded by one very determined Jessa Duggar Seewald.

So what’s the problem? Seems like Michelle and Jim Bob wanted to have disgraced and banished brother Josh Duggar returned to the second season of TLC’s ‘Counting On’. They wanted him to be allowed to share his mea culpa and redemption story and to be allowed to be fully reintegrated into the family business of reality television.

From In Touch (speaking of Jim Bob Duggar):

‘He still believes seeing a tearful Josh sitting beside Anna, describing how God’s forgiven him and how he’s started a new life with Anna and their for children, would be the best thing for the family and for ratings.’

Jessa and the others were not about to allow that to happen. It’s reportedly caused a split between the older Duggar children and their parents. A rebellion!

The article also claims that the rebellion of the older girls and their brothers against Josh was not only started by Jessa Duggar Seewald, but that she also came up with the idea of a courtship story for sister Jinger. They claim Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo courted for two weeks before he proposed.

‘Jessa was the mastermind behind it all. She and her husband Ben have been the most upset about Josh.’

Only time will tell if this is true or just the invention of another fertile imagination of a supposed insider. If it’s true then it’s pretty clear that all that isolation of their children and raising them to be super obedient works no better than what most people do to raise their children

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