Introduction: Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole?

Introduction: Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole? September 6, 2016

Bossier Doe artist rending on the left and Carol Ann Cole photograph on the right.
Bossier Doe artist rending on the left and Carol Ann Cole on the right.

by Suzanne Titkemeyer

In the last three years or so both NLQ and NLQ SASBN member Bruce Gerencser have written about the disappearance of Carol Ann Cole, her eventual identification as the Louisiana murder victim known only as Bossier Doe and the possible links between Carol Ann and troubled teen home New Bethany.

It was only last year when DNA analysis confirmed what many thought, that Bossier Doe was Carol Ann Cole. Many breathed a sigh of relief, thought that the case was mostly closed and moved on to fresher news. But the sad fact remains that the 35 year old murder of Carol Ann Cole and the mystery of her disappearance is still unsolved.

A few months ago I spoke with someone who had been a resident at New Bethany who has been instrumental in keeping up with the years of information on the disappearance and murder of Carol Ann. There are literally thousands of documents and sources that I’ve been combing through, reading and making notes, trying to make sense of this. It is a large confusing mess, with the case considered closed years ago with the false confession of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and what seems to be people desperate to make the public think that Carol Ann Cole was never at New Bethany Home for Girls. The more people I talk to involved in this, and the more legal documents I view, the more questions come up.

This series will be taking a look at why the law enforcement seems to be no closer to solving her murder than they were nearly 35 years ago along with trying to unravel the many parts of this mystery. Questions that we’ll be addressing here include:

  • How did Carol Ann Cole end up in a teen home in the first place?
  • When did she disappear?
  • Where did she disappear from?
  • Why was Carol Ann never reported missing from the residential center she was at or by her mother?
  • Was she ever a resident of New Bethany Home for girls before her murder?
  • Why is it assumed Carol Ann was not at New Bethany when was she found wearing clothing that a resident of New Bethany might wear?
  • Did New Bethany’s Mack Ford engage in sex trafficking of the girls in the facility?
  • Was Mack Ford allowed to break the law because of his friends and family in prominent positions in Louisiana government?
  • Why did it take 34 years for Carol Ann’s family to find out that Bossier Doe was Carol Ann?
  • Was Mack Ford and New Bethany directly involved in her death?
  • Did Mack Ford have ties to Big Oil?
  • Why has local law enforcement in Bossier Parish believed the allegations of two people who have very little credibility or believablity?
  • Why are the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches allowed to operate children’s treatment facilities and collect state and federal subsidies without any state or federal oversight?
  • ..and too many other questions to list here.

Last year the daytime television show ‘Crimewatch Daily’ covered the mystery, yet missed many facts and promoted a number of untruths. What is the state of Louisiana hiding here?

Read more about the girls of New Bethany – From Times-Picayune NOLA website

The boys didn’t escape the abuse from Mack Ford either. “Rusted Rhinestones” is the story of James Swift, aka Fifi Frost a resident of the boy’s home at New Bethany. An amazing story of abuse, survival and redemption.

Stay tuned.

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