News: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Adopt Number Twenty

News: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Adopt Number Twenty September 16, 2016

intouchIn Touch Weekly has been running a story for a couple of days about Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar adopting a child. It seems to be at least a bit more true than their recent claims that the couple was separated and headed for a divorce. At least there are court documents that can verify the news.

It’s the 8 year old son of Michelle’s niece. Last year the son was signed over to Michelle’s sister Carolyn, but after Carolyn had a stroke and became unable to care for the boy he landed with the Duggars. The petition to make custody permanent will happen in November.

In Touch is claiming that the family says they will keep the child off the of the television show, but this is the Duggars so there is no telling just how true that claim is.

What is curious about all of this is that it looks like from some of the documents online that the courts waived the home study requirement, putting this poor child in a home where sexual abuse of minors has happened before. Springdale Arkansas justice.

Wonder how long it’s going to take the child to adjust to their use of Michael Pearl’s ‘To Train Up A Child’ and use of the dreaded rod and who his assigned buddy will be?

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