News: More Advertisers Flee TLC and the Duggars

News: More Advertisers Flee TLC and the Duggars September 1, 2016

Screen cap of the Facebook post by the Duggar family promoting ‘Counting On’ Notice anything wrong with that #hashtag? Good catch by the ladies of Duggar Family News: Life is not all Pickles and Ice Cream!

Not too surprisingly last week’s premiere of The Learning Channel Duggar family show ‘Counting On’ has ended with more advertising either pulling their advertising from the show. Some ad buyers had made the decision not only to stop their ads from appearing on the show, but on the network altogether.

We all know this cannot continue on very long before leading to the cancellation of the show. It’s not only viewer numbers that drive television show’s longevity, it’s most importantly advertiser dollars. No advertisers equals no money to produce the show or pay the network. Wonder how far down the advertiser dollars must go before TLC cancels this very boring pointless show with lackluster ratings?

From In Touch Weekly:

And now, four more companies have issued statements saying they were surprised to learn their spots aired during the season two premiere of Counting On. Many are pulling their ads.

Now, with so many companies pulling their ads off the show, TLC is left to air promos for other TLC programs instead of paid ads.

It’s possibly premature to celebrate the possible retiring from the public eye of the Duggar family as other tabloids are speculating on the possible addition to the show of sister-molesting serial cheater Josh Duggar. Do you think this would add viewers or add to the sinking ratings and disappearing advertisers? It cannot be good for the promotion of the Quiverfull agenda promotion in the media.

Finally, the print edition of In Touch Weekly is claiming that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s marriage is over and they have split up behind the scenes. More on this as it becomes available. It’s likely to be another rumor started by an ‘unnamed Duggar insider’ as we always articles sourced by an uDi every time a new season of a Duggar related television show happens.

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