Quoting Quiverfull: Steven Anderson Says Being Deported Sign Trip Was Successful?

Quoting Quiverfull: Steven Anderson Says Being Deported Sign Trip Was Successful? September 23, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Steven Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church – Botswana Update

Editor’s note: Anderson’s spin, we knew it was coming. Interesting considering earlier in the week Anderson himself denied he had been deported, said he left under his own steam in an interview. So which is it: deported or left on his own. Would love to see the statistics of how many Botswanis own computers or CD players for all those digital media handouts they did and some follow up six months from now and a year after that to see how many of those won through ‘soul winning’ still consider themselves believers. The very end of his piece I’m not quoting here is a big pile of martyrbating.

Although we were well received by the people of Botswana, so far, at least four of us have been deported. We broke no laws, but it was easy for them to deport us since we apparently do not have many rights there as foreigners. The rest of the group has now split up, but as of Wednesday night, over 250 have been saved as a result of our soul-winning efforts. There are still several people from our group out soul winning, but since they have now split up, we will need to wait until everyone gets back to tally up the final numbers.

Although the Sodomites are rejoicing and saying that we failed, we consider the trip to be a huge success.

· Over 250 people and counting have been won to Christ.
· Brother Garrett was able to preach in a school to about 600 junior high school students and their teachers.
· Thousands of our USB flash drives and preaching CDs are now circulating in Botswana.
· I was on the radio in Botswana, and that radio interview has gone viral on the internet.

At least half of Botswana agrees with us, but apparently there is a disconnect between the people of Botswana and their leadership. People were cheering and asking to be photographed with me on the plane as I was being deported. Even the guys who arrested me treated me very well. Our expedition was in no way a failure since more people will hear the gospel on the internet as a result of the persecution. We have sent a shock wave through the entire African continent! Praise the Lord!

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  • Nightshade
  • Mel

    Things we learned from this post:
    1) Steve was clearly unaware of the difference between being a citizen whose rights are generally protected by the government and being a tourist present on a visa who is very welcome as long as they are being a good guest – not an obnoxiously vile, hateful human being.
    2) Salvation must be pretty easy to achieve if they’ve saved a whopping 250 people in 4 days. Why can’t he pull that off in the US where he speaks the most common language and we could easily verify the numbers of converts?
    3) Steve is clearly unaware how easy it is to remove information from a USB and use it for any other information that is wanted. A CD is a bit harder to scrub, but on the flip side, a string of CDs makes a nice shiny wall decoration and can be quite effective at keeping birds out of gardens. So – probably a net positive for Botswana, but not for the reason Stevey thinks.
    4) Those people cheering Steve and wanting photos? Got any proof of that? Or photos? I mean, it’s easy enough for me to swear that when I went to Canada everyone was so excited that I was there that they threw me a huge party and named me the honorary chancellor of Ontario. Why don’t you believe me?
    5) Note that Steve confuses being a professional “the agents who arrested me were nice” with the idea that the agents, you know, supported him.

  • Of course it was successful. He gets to martyrbate about being persecuted for the lawd.

  • Nea

    “We broke no law”… except, y’know, for the ones he doesn’t want to admit are laws, like “You can’t beat up people because you think they’re gay.” Surprise! That’s illegal everywhere.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I’ve noticed that those in the Religious Right show no shame at lying, probably because their base has been trained not to see internal discrepancies. So Steven can say that he was deported when it serves his purposes and later claim that he left voluntarily without turning a hair. If someone calls him out for lying, he’ll either martyrbate some more that he’s being slandered because of his faith or come up with some rationalization about how the fact since the government agents enforcing the deportation order didn’t have to taze him and drag him out to the plane, it somehow counts as “leaving voluntarily”.

    Martyrbation– it enables you to take an epic failure and spin doctor it into a great spiritual triumph.

  • bekabot

    Short version/translation: “What are you looking at? I meant to do that.”

    {automatic self-exculpation of every flubster ever}

  • AuntKaylea

    Just as an FYI: Some nations have a hybrid deportation system where a person is kicked out of the country, but can opt to leave voluntarily rather than have a formal deportation hearing. Specifically this would be utilized in order to avoid expensive court proceedings for non-grevious offenses, while still accomplishing the goal of removing the offender. I have no idea if Botswana is one of these or not.

    In some of these situations, the offender may be given a document upon leaving which will not show up as an arrest/criminal record, but at the same time would not be allowed back into the country which asked the visitor to leave. It is a legitimate way of avoiding having to check that one has been officially deported on subsequent visa forms but still flagging the offender as unwelcome in that country.