Humor: Cooking With the Duggars

Humor: Cooking With the Duggars October 8, 2016

cookingwiththeduggarsSome brave soul decided to try to cook some of the Duggar family’s favorite recipes from their website and books and posted the results for everyone to enjoy at Cafe Moms The Stir. The results are hilarious!

The Duggars have no recipes for any vegetables other than pickles online, so I steamed some green beans. They are also big fans of Olive Garden breadsticks, so I made some frozen breadsticks to go along with the meal. The casserole is so not attractive, which may be why my daughter basically refused to eat it, other than to try it. She said, I thought it could do without the soup because it made the tater tots soggy and that’s just sad.

My middle kid (age 13) finished his dinner and gave this review:

It was food. It was pretty good, I guess. 

When I asked if he would eat it again, his response was:

Do I have a choice? 

Okay then!

My college kid, my most verbose critic of the crew, had this to say:

“Do you know the first Transformers movie? It’s sort of big and loud and just there, and it’s not a bad movie. I mean, you probably wouldn’t turn it off if you were sitting on the sofa and it came on, but it, like, doesn’t have a lot going on up there — it’s not a very smart movie. This casserole is like the Transformers movie. It’s okay, it’s not the greatest movie ever, but it’s not offensive. This casserole isn’t offensive. “

Have you ever tried any of their recipes?

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