Jim Bob Duggar and the 50 Page Courtship Questionnaire?

Jim Bob Duggar and the 50 Page Courtship Questionnaire? October 26, 2016

intouchDid anyone realize that it’s been almost exactly a year since the Ashley Madison scandal broke? Just a year later The Daily Mail posted an article on Jim Bob Duggar’s interrogations of those guys wanting to court a Duggar daughter.

If it’s true then it’s truly ridiculous! The questionnaire is 50 pages long! Apparently this information was revealed in yesterday’s airing of the Duggar show ‘Counting On’ and Jessa Duggar Seewald said that the process was ‘pretty thorough’.

While I can understand the need to ask basic questions, like educational levels and financial plans or how this man plans on supporting your daughter, this seems a bit beyond extreme.

The existence of the questionnaire was revealed on Tuesday’s episode of Counting On: The After Show prompting Jessa Duggar to laugh about the grueling process.

‘I’m sorry, wait a second Jim Bob made you guys fill out questionnaires?’ balked show producer Scott Enlow during the season two recap.

‘He is not kidding,’ confirmed Jill Duggar, 25

The funny thing about all of this is that Jim Bob Duggar forced future son-in-law who was already approved and courting Jessa to go ahead and fill it out even if Jim Bob had already vetted him.
Jinger’s fiance sounds like he might have gone overboard pandering to his future father-in-law, admitting his answers brought the questionnaire to a total of 105 pages.
Man-bun sporting Derick Dillard, husband of Jill, also said this week that he and other Duggars were casting their votes for Evangelical-approved presidential candidate Donald Trump. He’s been posting about politics on his Instagram account. I think everyone had already figured out that the Duggars are comfortable enough with sexual assault to vote for Trump long ago.

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