Quoting Quiverfull: Beat Children if They Overeat?

Quoting Quiverfull: Beat Children if They Overeat? October 12, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy – Binding Foolishness

Editor’s note: This is the second part of that follows yesterday’s beat your children for gorging on junk food to keep them from getting fat. If your child is hording food, or sneaking around eating behind your back this is not always because the child is simply hungry. Many times a sneak around and horde food child is someone suffering from emotional scars where they fear not being fed. It is a reason to take a child immediately for an evaluation with either a doctor or social work/psychologist. It’s not ‘normal’ behavior and it’s not as Debi claims, training to be a thief or liar, it’s an indication that this child is having mental health issues.

The very fact that the Pearls seem so eager to shame over weight issues and blame it on a spiritual basis is pretty frightening. This is the type of thinking that leads to kids not getting proper healthcare or treatment for serious issues. There could be something physical going on with a child that is overweight that has nothing to do with sinful desires.


But parents, use common sense. Feed a hungry child when he is hungry; don’t cause him to be tempted above that which he is able. When you allow children to get so hungry they want to sneak around to satisfy their hunger, you are training them to be thieves and liars. Instead of being trained to walk in truth, they are being trained to walk in deceit. For every thirty slacker parents who allow their children to overeat, there is one parent who is legalistic in demanding austerity in the child’s diet. Ask God for wisdom and listen to the advice of those around you.

Children are not all necessarily rebellious, loud, selfish, mean, aggressive, bossy, whiny, or moody. But all children have foolishness bound in their hearts, and they all need to be freed from the bondage that will drag them down their entire lives. Give your children the gifts of wisdom, sobriety, and a sound mind; drive foolishness far from them. My mom always said that a slender willow switch works wonders. I say it works miracles.

Part 1

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  • Nea

    “Listen to the advice of the homogeneous, carefully selected small group around you, which should damned well sound just like me or you’re a sinner. Now go hit your kids. After all, I was whipped as a girl and I turned out a famous important persona with a husband I hate who makes me beg for medical care and very sober smart kids who can’t take care of themselves or their families.”

    The “wonders” and “miracles” and “divine joy” of Debi Pearl’s life I wouldn’t wish on a dog. In fact, they’d be illegal to do to a dog.

  • Rachel

    Huh. Even the switch is “slender.”

    And directly tying a child’s value to their body size isn’t going to lead to eating disorders at all. /s

  • Astrin Ymris

    It should be noted that internationally adopted children– and some domestically-adopted ones– are notorious for hoarding food, binge-eating, and stealing food. This drives many fundgelical Rescue Adopters crazy. I’m wondering if that’s what the Pearls are addressing here.

    Me, I’d give the child a bag of non-perishable food and tell it’s theirs, stash it wherever they want, but CPM types, who are highly invested in having “obedient” kids go apeshit over kids having this much autonomy.

    I noticed that this again tries to walk back the extremism of earlier postings by warning against not letting kids be “tempted above that which he is able”. However, it doesn’t address whether the food given is palatable to the child or not, like Serene’s putting her Liberian adoptees on a raw food diet. In the CPM-verse, “rescued” children aren’t allowed to have food dislikes, but to be grateful for whatever their saviors deign to feed them. 🙁

  • B.E. Miller

    Or buy them a small ‘dorm’ refrigerator that they can keep in their room.

    And your comment about if the food is palatable… remember the Hana Williams case, where the parents gave the two adopted children sandwiches that they’d poured water on. Or frozen veggies. One of the older boys testified about that in court.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I was thinking about those adopted and possibly abused kids when I was saying you should be taking the kid to a doctor or therapist. Determine if it’s due to former abuse, some underlying physical problem and go from there. I think your idea of allowing the child to have a bag of non-perishable food for whenever they want is a great idea and way to derail this. Even at the children’s residential treatment center I worked at we kept huge bowls of fruit for the kids to snack on any time and handed out ziplock bags of things like granola bars, small bags of crackers, etc for each to keep in their rooms. These were all kids that might have horded food otherwise.

  • bekabot

    CN: when I first wrote this I was under the impression that the original post had been written by one of the Pearl daughters. (It wasn’t.) The comment has been rewritten to reflect that reality.

    She sounds a lot like her husband, doesn’t she?

    “We know we told you to do thus-and-so, we told you and told you to do it, steadily, for years, and we swore up and down before God’s Holy Throne that nothing but good could come of it — and you know what we think now? Well, we think you’ve gone a little overboard. We think you guys out there have taken this just a half a step too far. (We didn’t expect all the results we got, that’s for sure!!) Michael and me didn’t expect you guys would take this stuff so deeply to heart. (Yes, we know we said it was the way to God…we just didn’t expect that so many people were so eager to meet up with God or to introduce their kids to Him so fast.) So, our joint recommendation these days is that you feed your kids enough to live on and that you don’t shut ’em out of the house at night and that when you switch ’em you think about setting some kind of limit as to time. I know it’s all fine and dandy within the circle of us believers and I know God will never judge adversely those who do what they’ve got in hand for His glory…but God’s not the only one who’s looking on, you know. No, it’s all those other people, it’s those nosy-parkers from out there, you know they’ve never been part of our community or cemented to our bond and great guns how they talk. Well, you know how it is, we mustn’t bring the Kingdom into disrepute. But you know the best thing? The best thing is that we’ll only have to hold our powder for a leet-tle while, because Jesus is coming and you can bet when He gets here He’ll set everything straight, and we’ll find out then who’s vindicated, and we’ll know who’s whistling Dixie and who’s singing lamentations then. So the good news is that we won’t have to hide our light under a bushel forever. {breathlessly} I just can’t wait, can you?”

  • Astrin Ymris

    IOW, “Look forward eagerly to the Second Coming, because then you’ll be able the whale the crap out of your kids without having to worry about the evil secular CPS system!”

    Jesus wept. 🙁

  • Astrin Ymris

    I was thinking about Hana Williams, too. 🙁

    A dorm refrigerator is a great idea! You can provide fruit, veggies, juice, and milk then.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Exactly! I’m not sure why food hoarding is such a huge problem for fundgelical adopters, unless it’s that giving their kids so much autonomy freaks them out. Or maybe that they’ve fantasized so long about being the Bountiful Provider to their grateful adoptees that they can’t take giving up their imagined spotlight.

  • bekabot

    Well, I admit…I got carried away.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Oh, did I just get pwned by Poe’s Law? Sorry!

  • bekabot

    No you didn’t — I was totally and furiously in earnest, which is a bad habit which overtakes me now and again (fortunately the attacks never last very long). You were not pwned; I meant everything I said; it’s just that if I’d had it to say over again I’d have said less of it, that’s all. I’m the one who’s sorry (for the misunderstanding).