The Duggers Attend Marriage Retreat

The Duggers Attend Marriage Retreat October 5, 2016

intouchOver on Reddit yesterday a man posted a ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread after having spent the weekend at the same marriage retreat that Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh, Anna and other assorted Duggars attended. He had a lot of interesting things to say about the experience:

Anna is a very pretty woman. She was dressed in long skirts of course like most of the women there but she has some style too, some long boots. She wears makeup too, some of those uterus cannons don’t believe in makeup so they look more plain. But Anna has good style and is very pretty. But she cried some. One of the times she was walking around the lake she was wiping her eyes quite a bit so yes she looked a little disheveled, but still very pretty. I feel bad for her. She is so trapped. Michelle looks the same, big poofy Texas hair. JimBob has helmet head, but he looks kind of sloppy, Josh is kind of sloppy too, Anna was all made up and he was in a TShirt and jeans. Don’t be fooled by the women, they are running that show. They say they are following their husbands guidance but none of the husbands want to talk about Jesus, none of us. The women are the super spiritual ones.

Long Reddit thread on this that sounds oh so sad for all the Duggar girls, but most of all for Anna. Worth a read. It’s at ‘Spent the Past Weekend With the Duggars’ on Reddit. Interesting how so many are now coming out of the woodworks to tell what little they know. Feeling kind of sorry for Anna and the children. They can have no privacy even in places they go for healing.

The bolded part is because this is exactly what myself and Vyckie Garrison have observed many times in Quiverfull – the super-spiritual wife controlling everything as she makes lip service to submission and has a weak man trailing her who’s just not into any of the same things. I saw Michelle Duggar exhibiting exactly this at the book signing I was at while TLC was still filming the original show.

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  • persephone

    Oh, my gods, this made me want to swoop in and take Anna home with me (obviously the Duggars are doing the CPM “blame it all on the wife” thing):

    “LovesGardenias 5 points 1 day ago

    Thank you for your openness.
    Just curious, how did Michelle and JimBob treat Anna?
    Did they appear to be close or was it strained?
    Thank you.

    ]Religious_recovery[S] 13 points 1 day ago*

    They didnt address Anna one time. They didn’t talk to her, they didn’t sit
    by her at the meals, they never mentioned her in the sermons or when
    they were speaking, it never came up and I never saw them say a word to
    her. I did see them talk to Josh and they called out to Josh on a couple
    of occasions like “You remember that Josh” huh huh Josh was there, we
    had piano lessons early, didn’t we Josh. 7AM! Oh thats right, thank you
    Josh. It was like Anna doesn’t exist. I don’t think it was intentional
    but that is how it happened.”

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    The whole thing is deeply disturbing. Poor Anna

  • Anonyme

    Agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the clan DID blame Anna for Josh’s serial cheating and cut her out for it.

  • Mel

    Person 1: Michelle Duggar after the epic “Newlywed” advice blog post given to Jill like over a year after she married about how she should be available to Derick all the time.

    Hint: She wasn’t writing to Jill…..

    On the flip side, Jana and Joy seemed to be on her side during the first season of “Counting On”. Both of those young ladies are busy raising their mob of younger siblings and better understand what being a young mom is like than Michelle does right now.

  • ericdarko

    Lol … so glad hard times has befallen this trash .. raise a pedophile then cover up his sick crimes … I hope Anna never has a days peace or any of them for that matter …

  • Nea

    Because St Josh was, as we know, so pure and perfect *before* his marriage… Not that it will stop people for blaming her for not “curing” him.

  • Saraquill

    There’s no reason to punish her for her husband’s actions.

  • Abigail Smith

    I agree. Anna would have to have incredible courage to buck the only system she knows and has been indoctrinated with since she was little. I feel so sorry for her and I hope she gets out of there.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I suppose for a man who knows he’s rather passive, the CPM has charms. He can say that everything his strong-willed wife does is “in submission” to him, and thus claim credit by proxy for everything she does.

    The problem comes when an apparent nice guy turns out to be a Nice Guy™ in disguise, and uses CPM doctrine to turn into an abusive husband.

  • Melody

    She’s so pretty, oh so pretty: times 10. It’s basically the only thing he says.

  • Ms JT

    i was perusing the whole reddit thread, the author was responding the a question on how Anna looked.

  • Melody

    I didn’t know that. It just irked me a little.

  • Mel

    Especially right now with 4 small children. That’s a hard enough time for any woman to leave a marriage let alone a woman with little education and no career resources.

  • Allison the Great

    Anna didn’t molest those little girls, she had nothing to do with it.

  • Mel

    I think for the Duggars hating Anna and blaming her for Josh’s problems is a more psychologically safe choice than thinking about how their parenting style has failed their children all around.

    Long story short: By Gothardite standards, they’ve “launched” three kids successfully – Jill and Jessa through marriage; John David into his own small business – while whiffing on four other kids who are of age. By real world standards, John David is doing pretty well and Jill’s had some psudeo-career training so that’s 2 successes out of 5.

    Long story:
    Their oldest son molested his sisters and another young woman, got caught cheating on his wife, got fired and has had to move back home with his wife and children.

    Jana is 26 and unmarried.

    John David is 26 and unmarried – although he has an actual business line of his own.

    Jill reminds me of myself before my anxiety disorder was treated – but she has a pseudo-midwife degree and seems to like her husband so that’s pretty good.

    Jessa married a guy who is clearly burnt-out on the entire lifestyle at age 21 or 22.

    Jinger’s in a courtship – but has a few life and career skills as Jessa and Jana. (I’m pretending for a minute that Jill’s midwife degree is like a real thing.)

    Joy has no career training – which is unfortunate because I think she and Jana both have a intelligent pragmatism that would serve them well in the workforce.

    There’s an entire mob of J-named boys who need actual careers – and well-paying ones – to hope to land a QF wife since the older girls can at least hope to bring in some income through the TV show.

    By the time the last mob of J-girls comes through, Michelle and JB will likely be too broken down to do much for them…

  • bubbles24601

    He lost me at uterus cannons.

  • persephone

    You seem to believe that all the commenters here are nice Christian ladies who won’t call you on your disgusting comments.

    You are entirely wrong.


    Fuck you, you inconsiderate, thoughtless fuck. Anna is a 20-something, brought up to marry where she was told, when she was told, and promised that if she followed the rules she would have a happy life.

    Anna has followed all the rules and it has brought her nothing but pain and misery. She has no life skills beyond the basics of keeping a home and caring for children. She has been taught that it would be wrong for her to have a job, get a divorce, put her and children’s needs ahead of her husband’s wants, do anything that isn’t approved by her husband at all. Her family has chucked her out and told her to go back to her child molesting, sex worker abusing, cheating husband, who has no financial means of supporting her or their children, except for whatever handouts Michelle may be giving Josh, and, knowing Josh, that money isn’t going where it needs to go: his family.

    You want to wish ill on someone? Wish it on Gothard. Wish it on Jim Bob and Michelle. Wish it on Anna’s parents. Wish it on every damned person who supports this disgusting, abusive, sick lifestyle.

    Don’t EVER wish ill on the victims.

  • jennabobenna

    Yeah I thought it was weird until I read the whole thread too. Someone said she looked rough and asked how she looked. His responses were actually pretty insightful overall. Not as tabloidy as I expected, more “this is a thing that happened, what do you want to know?” He was sympathetic in his descriptions, even of Josh, and seemed genuinely concerned for Anna.

  • Melody

    Seems like context is everything 🙂