The Duggers Attend Marriage Retreat

The Duggers Attend Marriage Retreat October 5, 2016

intouchOver on Reddit yesterday a man posted a ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread after having spent the weekend at the same marriage retreat that Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh, Anna and other assorted Duggars attended. He had a lot of interesting things to say about the experience:

Anna is a very pretty woman. She was dressed in long skirts of course like most of the women there but she has some style too, some long boots. She wears makeup too, some of those uterus cannons don’t believe in makeup so they look more plain. But Anna has good style and is very pretty. But she cried some. One of the times she was walking around the lake she was wiping her eyes quite a bit so yes she looked a little disheveled, but still very pretty. I feel bad for her. She is so trapped. Michelle looks the same, big poofy Texas hair. JimBob has helmet head, but he looks kind of sloppy, Josh is kind of sloppy too, Anna was all made up and he was in a TShirt and jeans. Don’t be fooled by the women, they are running that show. They say they are following their husbands guidance but none of the husbands want to talk about Jesus, none of us. The women are the super spiritual ones.

Long Reddit thread on this that sounds oh so sad for all the Duggar girls, but most of all for Anna. Worth a read. It’s at ‘Spent the Past Weekend With the Duggars’ on Reddit. Interesting how so many are now coming out of the woodworks to tell what little they know. Feeling kind of sorry for Anna and the children. They can have no privacy even in places they go for healing.

The bolded part is because this is exactly what myself and Vyckie Garrison have observed many times in Quiverfull – the super-spiritual wife controlling everything as she makes lip service to submission and has a weak man trailing her who’s just not into any of the same things. I saw Michelle Duggar exhibiting exactly this at the book signing I was at while TLC was still filming the original show.

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