Happy Thanksgiving – Open Thread

Happy Thanksgiving – Open Thread November 24, 2016
The closest to fancy decorating and fine dining I'm going to get near for this holiday...
The closest to fancy decorating and fine dining I’m going to get near for this holiday…

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers in the USA! Today I’m taking a short break from updating NLQ to hang out with family and friends to eat turkey and other traditional holiday foods, just like I suspect you are doing.

Instead of the usual ‘What are we thankful for this year’ I decided to just throw it open for any types of discussions, whatever is on your minds. Like, what’s different about Thanksgiving for you now post-Quiverfull, or what do you think about all the postings on the gossip sites claiming that Jana Duggar is unmarried because of her possibly being a lesbian instead of the household slave she is, or even do Tim Bayly and Lori Alexander have some form of personality disorder that’s driving their drivel?

Thanksgiving has always been a land-mine holiday for me starting from early childhood. Usually it meant relatives, alcohol, simmering long time resentments and someone cried before it was over. By the time I’d grown and left my home of origin I did a small feast just for myself and few others. When I got married and lived in Europe we always had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration on the military base with other soldiers and their families – I think those were among my favorite memories and least tense Thanksgivings ever. I miss those days. After we left Europe the holiday was mostly spent at a nearby relative’s house where it was always turkey, resentments and indigestion, partly because we were living the Evangelical Quiverfull life at the time and the relative hosting the dinner always went out of their way to try and shock us, one year bringing a group of their friends involved in an odd sort of lifestyle to the holiday. In recent years we’ve gone to a friend’s house, or they come to ours, that also escaped from our old church. The nice of that is that she and I have completely gotten over the idea that the holiday must be perfect with certain things served and the nice china. Now it’s sort of free form and I like that a great deal.

However, this Thanksgiving with her and her husband is likely to be tense because they are hard core Donald Trump supporters who routinely spout his rhetoric. Plus the other guests she’s invited hold a high potential for drama because they include the host’s homosexual relatives, a trouble maker and some uber fundamentalist. And I know I’m not the only one facing the potential goat rodeo of a holiday meal today so may I present a couple of links to help you get through the day with relatives and friends that might be hard to take.

The Atlantic – How to Fight With Your Relatives: A Handy, Bipartisan Guide

Psych Central – 10 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving With a Dysfunctional Family

The Huffington Post – Dysfunctional Family Holidays

..and the opposite side:

The Daily Banter – Yes, You Should Shame Your Trump-Voting Relatives at Thanksgiving Dinner

I love this Thanksgiving meme I found on Facebook too…


But if you are the lone non-fundamentalist at a table filled with fundamentalist Christians you might need to bust out Benjamin Corey’s Bingo card from his blog Formerly Fundy and play along. It is too funny.

fomerly fundy bingo

Enjoy your day no matter how you decide to spend it and know if family and friends get to be too much that IFC channel is running a marathon of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

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