NLQ Spam – Buy This Holy Oil Now or Die in an Accident!

NLQ Spam – Buy This Holy Oil Now or Die in an Accident! November 4, 2016

SpamI haven’t done this before, but this one is too good not to share. One of the things that routinely happens with NLQ email is that it fills up my email box with the usual the Prince of Nigeria wants to give you money, buy these erection pills, best fat burner EVER and all sorts of other spam. Which means the box fills up and I sometimes end up overlooking legitimate site emails or end up taking more than a few days to reply.

One of the funnier types of spam we get is those from offended Christian groups, like the time Vyckie Garrison and I were sent emails saying that this one women’s Bible group was praying for both of us to have uterine cancer for our rebellion. The problem with that is that both of us have had hysterectomies so they would have needed to pray for us to have uteruses restored first.

Today I got this one purported to be from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, but clearly the email address resolves not to the ministry but one of their faithful followers. This type of ridiculous fear-mongering is exactly the same toxic nonsense that many in the Evangelical world use to control their followers with fear.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries reaches out with uncompromised Bible teaching focused on faith, love, healing, prosperity and restoration. As I was praying on your behalf, God opened my eyes to see things around you and your family…. If only you’ll do as I say. Believe and you shall obtain total restoration. I see curses from your  from God and i see more spiritual attacks , sorrows ,tears and suffering. The enemies are working on holding your favor from God and trying to destroy your life by accident . You need to bind it by fasting and prayers, you have not been so devoted in prayers but this time you need enforcement. you are to get back to me asap. with your name and contact address because i have an Adoration holy oil for cleansing, i don’t know how to get it across to you

Le sigh. Don’t fall for this junk. This was one of those bulk emails that the faithful forwarded to me as their scare tactics. Needless to say I’m not buying their oil.

Do you have to deal with well meaning friends and relatives trying to use scare tactics to get you to return to your former beliefs?

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