Quoting Quiverfull: Working Outside the Home is Pure Selfishness?

Quoting Quiverfull: Working Outside the Home is Pure Selfishness? November 11, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Dogmatic Teaching on Keepers of the Home

Editor’s note: I think ‘dogged’ is the operative word here more than ‘dogmatic’. It’s Lori harping on her constant refrain once again, that women that work outside the home cannot possibly keep it clean or prepare decent meals. I guess she doesn’t realize how many different services, devices and different ways you can do things now that makes it entirely possible to work full time, have great meals cooked, a clean home and well-taught children. Her central message isn’t even Biblical considering in actual Biblical times women worked along side their men and extended family in family-owned concerns. This invention of the mother staying home cooking, cleaning and child rearing is a recent invention of Victorian times, upper-class Victorian times. Is this what we’re reduced to, an idea well over a hundred years old that would have never applied in Biblical times? How does she explain women in the Bible like Lydia of Purple?

Working women submit to their bosses and make their lives easier and better. Wives at home submit only to their husbands and make their lives easier and better. They keep the home running smoothly so their husbands can safely trust them while they are busy focusing on those things that provide a living for their family. Their wives train and discipline the children. They keep the homes clean and tidy, shop for food and essentials, and many even teach their children at home which is a good thing. They are raising the next generation. What can be more important than this? If you’re not happy being home full time, stop thinking about yourself and instead, spend your time serving your family so you don’t have time for self-pity.

And she caps her bastardized pseudo-Victorian twisting of the Bible by accusing those that work of ‘self pity’? The only bitterness and self pity I see in her writings is her own.

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