Rumor: Anna Duggar About to Divorce Josh Duggar?

Rumor: Anna Duggar About to Divorce Josh Duggar? November 4, 2016

TabloidNewsIn the last few days more rumors have emerged that Anna Duggar is considering divorcing her husband Josh. Why now? Why not when this all first went down?

Clearly this is not likely, no matter what ‘unnamed Duggar insiders’ have told In Touch magazine and The Daily Mail.  They have falsely claimed in the past that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were on the verge of divorce and nothing has happened. It is believable when they have reported things like saying that Anna does not trust Josh and has strict rules for him. The only way this might even remotely be true is if Josh repeated violated those strict rules post rehab.

The implication of what this might do to the Duggar brand if it’s true is something else to consider. Does anyone really think that Jim Bob Duggar, controller of all things Duggar, would not hesitate to apply pressure on Anna to make her stay? Either with a payout or by blackmail?

Anna divorcing Josh would make for an interesting reality show.

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