Season 3 of Duggar Television Show “Counting On” and Jinger’s Wedding

Season 3 of Duggar Television Show “Counting On” and Jinger’s Wedding November 1, 2016

intouchSeveral media outlets are reporting that the cameras of the TLC production crew are still filming and following the doings of the Duggar family even if there are only two more episodes of ‘Counting On’ in this season.

Last week Jill and Derick Dillard were spotted with film crew in Oklahoma at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. Derick is an alumni of OSU.

Plus there are indications that this weekend is the wedding of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. Long time Duggar family friends are buzzing about the wedding being this weekend on social media. Chances are likely that the film crew will be there, just like they were earlier in the year at the bridal shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia where Jinger bought her dress.

Sounds like the lack of advertisers has not deterred the network from proceeding with season 3 of Quiverfull’s most famous family.

In other news it sounds like Jeremy and Jinger might be going full Quiverfull themselves according to In Touch:

“We really are just looking to the Lord to see what he provides,” the pro soccer player explained.

Translation for regular folks: We’re going to have enough kids to quality for the Zero Population groups hit list.

The other interesting rumor popping up this week is that Jeremy Vuolo has left his position at a Texas church and will be moving to the Duggar compound in Arkansas, like all the other Duggar son in laws have done.

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  • Anonyme

    Aww, I was counting on Jinger (which still rhymes with ‘Ringer’ when I read it) to rebel. 🙁

  • zardeenah

    So they’ve decided to double down and go full on cult. Tell me why (absent money) TLC continues to facilitate this?

    At least the cameras offer some protection from it becoming a flds teen arranged marriage situation.

    Someone help one of those kids escape. There’s some good tv right there, in more ways than one.

  • Nea

    So much for her escape. And so much for any member of that family actually “leaving and cleaving” like they keep saying, as opposed to bringing new recruits to the family cult.

  • Aloha

    The Duggar parents are so controlling! They won’t even allow their adult children (ie the daughters) get any space even in their adult life.

  • Michelle Singleton

    That was my thought too.

  • texcee

    I say we back off the nuke them from space. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • Pen Guin


  • Saraquill

    Giving their children the skills needed to support themselves and ever growing family should not be considered a sin.

  • brbr2424

    My money is on Jana making a run for it. I hope she makes gets a real education and finds a nice wife.

  • Mollywog

    Nooooo…. he drank the freaking Koolaid! I had hoped that she would be the one to escape and hopefully set a good example for siblings to follow.

  • Astrin Ymris

    At some point the viewers are going to get bored and stop watching, followed by TLC pulling the plug. Then what is Jim Bob going to do with his compound full of dependents and no way to exploit support them?

    Maybe we’ll be lucky and the minimum wage will be raised to a Living Wage so they can support themselves without going on public assistance.

  • Nea

    Of course not. Jim Bob doesn’t want to go back to being the provider.

  • Lawanda Leafty Finch

    So happy for them!! Love all the Duggars!!

  • paganheart

    I sometimes wonder if some TLC executive (or executives) actually like the Duggars personally and consider them friends. Or perhaps said exec (or execs) are hardcore fundies themselves, who actually think the Duggars beliefs and lifestyle are a good and healthy thing. (Or perhaps both.) Perhaps the execs are just calculating and craven enough to believe that–falling ratings and fleeing advertisers aside–the salaciousness, sleaze and general freakshow atmosphere that surrounds the Duggars now is somehow good for TLC as a whole (Otherwise known as the “All publicity is good publicity” argument.) I also wonder if they are afraid that if they cancel the show, Jim Bob might file a lawsuit against TLC, for breach of contract or something like that, and some really damning stuff about “19 Kids And Counting” and other shows on the Terrible Life Choices network would come out in the discovery process.

    Regardless, I think the Duggars heyday is over, and it seems like “Reality” TV as a whole may have peaked. “American Idol” is gone, and even ratings for the Kardashian trash-fests are reportedly way down. People are tired of this crap, and TV networks are going to have to find something else to fill their airwaves with (though part of me shudders to think what that might turn out to be.)

  • BCH

    Sadly, roaches can survive radiation…

  • texassa

    There’s much more opportunity for Jeremy in Arkansas to pursue his true passion and calling: reality television fame. Makes perfect sense that they’d relocate.

  • texassa

    I don’t think it’s necessarily the control that’s keeping the kids there; it’s that their options are 1. stay here and make lots of money on the family TV show, or 2. go off on your own and live near the poverty line on the few employable skills you have while raising a whole bunch of babies.

  • texassa

    The only way they would “escape” is if it was more lucrative for them to do so than staying.

  • texassa

    They like them. It’s obvious. With the molestation cover-up and everything that came out, TLC really went to bat for the family and essentially brought their show back under a new name.

  • texassa

    I bet Jeremy is to some degree embarrassed that his new wife’s forever name is Jinger.

  • zizania

    Am I the only one who tends to make “Jinger” rhyme with “Singer” in my mind? Then again, I’ve never watched the show, so I’ve never heard it pronounced.

  • zizania

    I see I’m NOT the only one who wants to pronounce it that way.

  • B.A.

    I thought it was pronounced the same way as “ginger”. I guess I was wrong. 😉

  • zardeenah

    That’s the thing! It seems like tlc could make a fortune (and get advertising back) with a show about leaving the family and making it irl.

    But I think Paganheart is on to something with the evangelical exec…explains the trajectory away from science too!

  • Astrin Ymris

    I was wondering if Jim Bob had something to hold over TLC myself… maybe they knew about Josh and the molestations from the git go? If that factoid came out, it could be ruinous for TLC.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    It is almost certain that they knew early on because while TLC was there filming the birth of one of the babies Josh was going to court to sue the State of Arkansas over some matter connected to the allegations. How could they overlook such an obvious red flag?

  • Mermaid Warrior

    The reasoning I heard is that if the Duggar show is still getting lots of viewers, then it’s worth it for the network to keep it around since they can advertise their other shows to the big audience. Have you ever watched Disney Channel? There are very few non-Disney advertisements during the commercial breaks. But while Disney Channel probably isn’t making much money from advertisers, having the large audience to advertise their own stuff to more than makes up for it. (not to mention that they can sell merchandise and music from their shows, although that doesn’t really apply to the Duggars, they never turned themselves into a brand for some reason) I’d be surprised if the Duggars were making as much money as they used to, but as long as the ratings are good the show may still have value to TLC despite the dropped advertisers.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    If one of them ever does want to leave, I bet networks would line up to get a reality show based on that.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    The problem is, it would be difficult for TLC to have both a Duggar show and a Leaving Duggar show at the same time. Jim Bob could threaten to shut down Counting On. If a Leaving Duggar show becomes very successful, some of the other kids might try to pull the same stunt, which would ruin Counting On because they lose their cast. Plus, if a Leaving Duggar show exposes more of a bad things that the Duggars have done, it would harm the ratings of Counting On, and could make the network look worse than they already do.

    Still, if one of the kids does decide to leave, I wouldn’t be surprised if other networks hounded them for a reality show deal. Despite the waning popularity of reality television, I’m sure a show like that would get a lot of money.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    I’m surprised they never attempted to turn their name into a brand, like other reality TV stars have done. Sell like, a Duggar fashion line or craft kits or some shit. That way, they could get by even when the show gets cancelled.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    I’d wager a guess that it’s both.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    One of the UK papers is reporting today that the usual ‘unnamed Duggar insider’ says that Anna Duggar is mere days away from filing divorce papers and pulling the trigger on her marriage to Josh. Imagine what that’s going to do to the brand.