News: TLC’s Sexual Predator Problem – Toby Willis and Josh Duggar

News: TLC’s Sexual Predator Problem – Toby Willis and Josh Duggar December 3, 2016

newsThere’s been news this week on reality television star Toby Willis and his upcoming trial. He is being held without bond in Tennessee on charges of raping a child of 12 years old or under. His family once had a television show on TLC titled ‘The Willis Family”.

According to The Tennessean the attorney for Toby Willis has requested that the preliminary hearing for the trial be postponed for a fourth time. His reason? He believes that Mr. Willis is possibly mentally incompetent based upon his conversations and interactions with his client. He is seeking an evaluation by mental health professionals of his client’s mental state.

Very likely. Many of these patriarchs active in the Quiverfull movement have mental issues or deluded thinking. Which brings us to TLC’s other Quiverfull sexual predator – Josh Duggar.

While Josh hasn’t been accused of anything new and no more victims or lawsuits have emerged The Daily Mail has a fascinating article online showing the difficulties that TLC is having filming Duggar family events without showing Josh on camera. It takes some juggling for them to honor their promise to keep Josh off the new Duggar family television show ‘Counting On’. I will say that the camera crew was creative in their Josh blocking.

There’s been a ton of Duggar related news this week. As usual they are trying to stay in the limelight and stay relevant. This week alone –

  • Michelle and Jim Bob obtained legal custody of the family child they’ve been fostering.
  • Joy Anna announced she would not even be holding hands with her courting beau.
  • Cousin Amy admitted on reality television that her husband had physically abused her already.
  • Jessa Duggar Seewald posted video of her pregnant stomach.
  • Jill Duggar Dillard posted social media photo of folding laundry.

Typical mostly trivial and trite Duggar news, which we will never be covering here. It’s ridiculous.

But the Daily Mail article and news on Toby Willis does beg the question of why TLC seems so eager to provide shows to Quiverfull families that turn out later to be hiding sexual predators.

I leave you with a bit of levity, a meme of Jim Bob Duggar found on Facebook:


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  • Astrin Ymris

    I wonder how Jennifer and Jordyn-Grace felt about being the only siblings who hadn’t committed felonies who were left out of having a role in the ceremony? It is possible to have more than one flower girl, you know.

  • SAO

    I suspect the problem is less that TLC has a sexual predator problem than that the CPM does. Lots of sexual repression combined with the idea that a thought is pretty much as bad as an action leads to men not seeing a big difference between having a few sexual thoughts about an attractive teenager and acting on it. Purity culture means girls are ignorant and motivated to keep silent about sex, lest they be seen as used chewing gum. The focus on outward displays of piety means that the insincere get praised as Godly, in contrast to the honest, but struggling victims.

  • persephone

    Deluded =/= mentally incompetent to stand trial.

  • persephone

    In for a penny, in for a pound.

  • Nea

    Michelle and Jim Bob are allowing a known child molester back into the family and they were allowed to foster, much less get custody?