The Photograph – Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole?

The Photograph – Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole? December 6, 2016

bossier-doe-and-carol-ann-coleby Suzanne Titkemeyer

Very short post today. This is part 13 in our series looking in the murder of Carol Ann Cole.

So everything seems to beg the question: Was Carol Ann Cole ever a resident of New Bethany Home for Girls in Arcadia, Louisiana? Did she run across New Bethany pastor Mack Ford?

Evidence that suggests it’s entirely a possibility. Things to consider:

  • There are former residents in that time frame that remember Carol Ann being there, that spoke with her and knew her.
  • Her body was found wearing clothing that is the type and marked like those worn at New Bethany.
  • The location her body was found is a mere 30 miles from New Bethany.
  • Carol Ann had already been a resident in a troubled teen industry home.
  • The links between the Texas Youth Commission, Roloff Homes and New Bethany.
  • The fact that Roloff Homes girls were staying at New Bethany and girls moved between the two homes freely.
  • The pried off braces are distinctive to New Bethany and other religious troubled teen homes.
  • This photograph from New Bethany in the same time frame.


This is one of many photos discovered and taken from New Bethany by the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Dept. investigator during their brief search of the closed facility. The photos were shared with former New Bethany residents online by the department. The photos were from across a long time frame.

See the girl on the front row in the black dress with one leg crossed over the other as she gazed down at a Bible? Does that not resemble Carol Ann Cole? Many who have seen this photo are struck by the resemblance with Carol Ann. Some of the former residents got this photo and a number of others that are confirmed to be Carol Ann Cole to a professional who deals in facial recognition. This expert came up with an 80% chance of the photograph being that of Carol Ann Cole.

Sadly law enforcement does not think this photograph is of Carol Ann Cole. Why? Because a former resident of New Bethany identified herself as the mystery girl in this and other photographs, even from a time frame when she would not have been there. As far as anyone can tell law enforcement has done no facial recognition testing to rule out Carol Ann from the photo or to support the claims of the unnamed former resident.

They also say that they’ve conclusively ruled out any chance that Carol Ann was ever a resident at New Bethany Home for Girls. But here’s the thing with that, any of the people on the suspects list from last week could have still been the murderer even if Carol Ann was at New Bethany. Her possible residency at New Bethany does not alter the list of possible murderers.

What do you think? Does the photograph look like Carol Ann?

There are a few others purported to possibly be Carol Ann taken from New Bethany.

If anyone has any information on the murder of Carol Ann Cole or knows how Carol Ann got to Louisiana from Texas please contact the Bossier Parish Sheriffs Dept at 318.965.2203 Please give Carol Ann Cole’s family the peace that comes with closure. This is still an unsolved open case being investigated.

In the meantime if you wish to contact anyone at NLQ about what happened to Carol Ann Cole, or with your own story please drop me an email at

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