Quoting Quiverfull: How to Handle a Screaming Child?

Quoting Quiverfull: How to Handle a Screaming Child? December 7, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – The Volley Ball Bawler

Editor’s note: Michael sees and hears a child screaming at the park and this is his reaction. He thinks she’s evil and manipulative and her daddy did wrong by picking her up. This is how Michael, Mr. Manly Man, thinks her father should have handled her fear that she was being left behind at the park.

Here is how one might have correctly handled this situation. As the screaming commences, walk back to the child. Stands with your hands on your hips (body language) and stare at the child. After you have raked her with disapproval, ask. “Why are you screaming, did you get snake bit?” She says, “No, I didn’t want you to leave me.” You respond, “Oh, I see, you screamed thinking that I would take you with me. Well, I would be delighted for you to go to the house with me. We could get something cold to drink and sit down to read a book together. But now I can’t take you with me because you screamed. I will have to leave you here with your mother so you will learn that when you scream to get your way, we will always do the opposite.” Then turn and walk away. If she were to scream again, turn back and give her a spanking and then proceeded to the house without her. If for some reason you are prevented from spanking—someone else’s child, you are a foster parent, you are in a very public place, etc., then just the denial of her desires will suffice to eventually stop the screaming—since it is the most necessary part of the training experience.

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