Kaleesha Williams

Kaleesha Williams accomplishes her musing, writing, and goat-wrangling
in rural southeastern Missouri–that is, when she has time between
homeschooling and adoring her seven children, gardening, making goat
milk soap, planning projects with Denny, and trying to get her
sourdough English muffins to cook up properly.

Her family moved to Missouri in 1990 when her parents realized that
the answer to the riddle, “What’s green and goes backward?” was their
current state and the state of her birth, Vermont. Now that she’s out
of her religious bubble and in her right mind (eh, questionable),
Kaleesha is considering that Vermont is actually one of the few states
thinking and acting progressively. Regardless, she anticipates calling
Fredericktown, Missouri home for a good long while.

Though Kaleesha is a homeschool dropout, since high school she has
worked as a teacher, nurse, accountant, CEO, mechanic, plumber,
electrician, carpenter, landscaper, gardener, photographer,
veterinarian, goat breeder, counselor, dietician, chef, baker,
dishwasher, laundress, seamstress, event coordinator, chauffeur,
diplomat, painter, decorator, fitness coach, masseuse, astronomer, and
nanny, all within her own home and among her family, often performing
many of these roles in the course of a single day. For peanuts. And
brownies. And foot rubs. And she loves it.

Kaleesha has been blogging for over ten years and has written for
various farming and astronomy magazines.  You can check out her newest
book, “Free to Be:  How I Went From Unhappily Married Conservative
Bible Believer to Happily Divorced Atheistic Humanist In One Year and
Several Complicated Steps” at her website, www.kaleeshawilliams.com.
You can also keep up with her on Facebook.

She is a member of the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network

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