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St. Paul Pioneer Press Feature November 25, 2012

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press published a piece on me and Faitheist today, in advance of my Minneapolis-St. Paul bookstore appearances later this week. Read an excerpt below, and click here to read the story in full. And if you live in or around Minneapolis-St. Paul, I hope to see you at one of my upcoming events!


Chris Stedman was in middle school when he spent hours highlighting passages in his Teen Study Bible. With one color, he marked parts that he thought condemned homosexuals. With another color, he highlighted passages that gave him hope.

“I was asking a lot of questions and in the process I discovered two things almost simultaneously: I was queer and my church would kick me out if they discovered my secret,” he writes in his memoir, “Faitheist.”

Stedman, who grew up in Coon Rapids and Shoreview, was raised in a secular family. He became a Christian in sixth grade, struggled with being gay in a born-again denomination and renewed his religious commitment in high school. But he lost his faith permanently when he was a young adult.

Now, this Augsburg College graduate is assistant humanist chaplain at Harvard University and one of the country’s most visible secular humanists. [continue reading]

P.S. Someone back home sent along this photo of the story in print:

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