Vampire Weekend’s new song, "Unbelievers."

Vampire Weekend’s new song, "Unbelievers." December 6, 2012

I got lunch with a friend today at a local taco place, and I noticed that they served horchatas.

It’s December now and, thanks to Vampire Weekend, it’s impossible to turn down an opportunity to drink horchatas in December. So as I was enjoying my delicious mixture of rice, milk, and cinnamon, I realized that it had been something like three years since the band’s last album, the wonderful Contra, was released.

Like any socially oblivious twenty-something, I immediately ignored all present company to bury myself in my iPhone to see what the band had been up to. It turns out they debuted a new song, “Unbelievers” on Jimmy Kimmel a little more than a month ago, performing in Halloween-inspired face paint with a brass section and cello accompaniment.

“We know the fire awaits unbelievers, all of the sinners the same” sang frontman Ezra Koenig to the clapping audience. “Girl you and I will die unbelievers, bound to the tracks of the train.”

Not only is Vampire Weekend paradigmatically hip, but the content is particularly relevant for the blog. I’m surprised it passed under my radar for so long, but I’m excited for the album to drop.


Vlad Chituc is a lab manager and research assistant in a social neuroscience lab at Duke University. As an undergraduate at Yale, he was the president of the campus branch of the Secular Student Alliance, where he tried to be smarter about religion and drink PBR, only occasionally at the same time. He cares about morality and thinks philosophy is important. He is also someone that you can follow on twitter.

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