A Tale of Two New Humanist Service Initiatives

A Tale of Two New Humanist Service Initiatives January 22, 2013

My new piece about Humanism and service for HuffPost Religion is coauthored with Conor Robinson, Director of Pathfinders Project at the Foundation Beyond Belief. Check out the piece for more information on the recent partnership between Pathfinders Project and Values in Action at the Humanist Community at Harvard.

A little more than a year ago, the two of us walked along a beautiful California beach. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and all around us people laughed and frolicked, enjoying the sun and surf. We, too, were enjoying the day, but we weren’t there just to take in the beautiful views or some extra UV rays — we were there with a group distributing resources to the homeless youth who spent their days on the beach, unable to find assistance elsewhere. We shared food and clothing, offered medical assistance and listened to their stories.

We were there because we care about those kids. We were there because we care about service work. And we were there because we are atheists and Humanists who care deeply about making the world a better place.

We are two incredibly different individuals living on opposite ends of the country, but our work in the Humanist and atheist movements, as well as our commitment to service, has brought us together. After three years of unofficial collaboration, we are excited to announce a partnership between our projects —Pathfinders Project at Foundation Beyond Belief, and the Values In Action (VIA) initiative at the Humanist Community at Harvard (HCH).

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