Paul Fidalgo of Near-Earth Object joins our Lent festivities

Paul Fidalgo of Near-Earth Object joins our Lent festivities February 14, 2013

Since our commitment yesterday to take part in Lent, we’ve somehow roped in Near-Earth Object‘s Paul Fidalgo to join in. Read his statement below, which has been added to our main post from yesterday:

Paul Fidalgo
For 40 days I will give up a piece of my utterly-fragile ego. I will abstain from checking up on the pageview stats on my blog (Near-Earth Object), and I will go out of my way to avoid finding out how many folks have retweeted my material or followed me on Twitter. I may look for other ways to eschew self-validating Internet quantification as I think of it, but these two jumped out at me. I waste a lot of RAM in my own brain in being concerned about that kind of thing, so maybe I’ll become, magically, A Better Person by letting all of that go for a while.

There are, of course, blog comments, which I know Vlad is avoiding. I won’t be ignoring them, as much as I hate them most of the time, because sometimes there is sincere and well-meaning discourse to be had there. Oh, maybe I’ll ignore it anyway. We’ll see.

Facebook is different, as a red-badged notification number often means there’s a message from family or something, not just “likes” on a post, so I may have to keep those up for now.

I’ll have to engage in work-related analytics, of course. I do have a job, you know. So get off my back.

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