Watch Vlad on HuffPost Live tonight at 7:30 ET

Watch Vlad on HuffPost Live tonight at 7:30 ET April 16, 2013

I’ll be discussing the recent controversy surrounding FEMEN for HuffPost Live tonight, and I’m pretty excited to share my perspective. You may recall that I thought they were unequivocally on the right side of the issue, though their execution was lacking (to put it lightly). You can read the column I wrote on the topic here (NPS version) and here (HuffPo religion version).

You can watch me live tonight at 7:30 P.M. Eastern Time, 4:30 Pacific. The link will end up on the internet eventually if you’re busy then.

Also feel free to leave me advice or words of encouragement below. Not because I’m nervous or anything.

Update: Looks like it fell through last minute, sorry for anyone who might have been looking forward to or were interested in my appearance. Read my silly not-at-all bitter account here.

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