NPS weekend reads, vol. 1

NPS weekend reads, vol. 1 September 6, 2014

Weekend Raspberries I guess?Welcome to the first installment of NPS Weekend Reads. Each Saturday morning we’ll collect a handful of pieces, related to the topics we focus on, that our contributors found engaging during the previous week, very likely while ignoring their day jobs. We’ll err toward longer reads, but always strive to include the unique, thoughtful, and humane of any length, and by authors of (nearly) any stripe. Our hope is simply that you’ll find these pieces interesting too.

Thoughts about a piece we’ve listed? Have a suggestion of your own? Please share in the comments below.

Close Your Heart: How the once peaceful Central African Republic descended into a brutal sectarian civil war

Digital Detox: Reboot or Die Trying

Violence Among The Amish

Ask Andrew W.K.: Prayer is Stupid, Right?

Only Stupid People Call People Stupid

The Brutalization of Women in Video Games, and Its Apologists

Acting French

Jeremiah and The Enlightened Racist

We Are Not Not Evolved to Deal With Climate Change

The Rise of Biblical Counseling

The New History Wars

How Ought We Die?

The Religious Roots of The Wilderness Act

The Parable of The Unjust Judge or: Fear of A N****r Nation

"what an abuse of American history followed by an abuse of the argument."

Islamaphobia, Sam Harris, and the prevalence ..."
"We're neither carnivores, omnivores or herbivores. We're distinctly frugivores."

Why atheists should be vegans
"The evolutionary argument that we are omnivores also makes me twitch and I have to ..."

Why atheists should be vegans
"I didn't equate slavery and animal consumption. I gave abolitionists/slavery as an obvious counterexample to ..."

Why atheists should be vegans

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