Thursdog: Kangaroos, peanut-butter, and workplace productivity

Thursdog: Kangaroos, peanut-butter, and workplace productivity October 2, 2014

At NonProphet Status, we love dogs. We love dogs a lot. We love their faces and their fur and the way their stupid little noses sniff and bury into everything. They’re like cats, but with personality and for people who can handle responsibilities.

Big dogs, little dogs, short hair, long hair. It really doesn’t matter. We’re just really into dogs, and have accordingly assembled a list of dog-related links. Send your dog-related links to @npsblog

—1. My dog looks like a kangaroo sometimes—

Toad Kangaroo

—2. Keeping dogs around can be good for team morale—

A recent article in Entrepreneur reviews some of the scientific literature on the workplace benefits of having dogs in the office.

In an experiment carried out by Central Michigan University researcher Christopher Honts and his team, test subjects were divided into groups that had a dog around them throughout a group task and those that did not. The groups which had a dog during their tasks showed significantly higher mutual trust, team bonding and intimacy than those that worked without one.

—3. Watch these dogs eat peanut butter in slow motion—

Thanks to my friend Cameron for showing me this link. If your browser doesn’t support embedded video, you can watch it here.

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