Thursdog: Dancing bichon frises, water hoses, and dog research

Thursdog: Dancing bichon frises, water hoses, and dog research October 9, 2014

At NonProphet Status, we love dogs. We love dogs a lot. We love their faces and their fur and the way their stupid little noses sniff and bury into everything. They’re like cats, but with personality and for people who can handle responsibilities.

Big dogs, little dogs, short hair, long hair. It really doesn’t matter. We’re just really into dogs, and have accordingly assembled a list of dog-related links. Send your dog-related links to @npsblog

—1. Watch these dogs play with this garden hose in slow-motion—

—2. I will never be as cool as these two Bichon Frises—

h/t The Dish

—3. An atheist book for children, “Me and Dog”—

From NPR:

Two-time Pulitzer-prize winning Washington Post writer Gene Weingarten, an atheist, is fed up with the relentless drumming of religion into the heads of our impressionable youth. So he’s just published a book meant to introduce the idea of Godlessness …to kids. Bob speaks to Weingarten about his new children’s book “Me and Dog.”

Listen to an interview with the author here.

—4. 60 Minutes covers dog research—

Anderson Cooper came to the Duke Canine Cognition Center to talk to Brian Hare about what happens inside the mind of a dog. You can buy Hare’s book, “The Genius of Dogs,” here.

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