Citizen dogs

Citizen dogs December 18, 2014

At NonProphet Status, we love dogs. We love dogs a lot. We love their faces and their fur and the way their stupid little noses sniff and bury into everything. They’re like cats, but with personality and for people who can handle responsibilities.

Big dogs, little dogs, short hair, long hair. It really doesn’t matter. We’re just really into dogs, and have accordingly assembled a list of dog-related links. Send your dog-related links to @npsblog.

—1. Should dogs be entitled to citizenship?—

Earlier this week, Vox’s Zach Beuchamp posted an interview with Will Kymlicka–a philosopher who argues that domesticated animals should be citizens of the societies to which they belong. The idea is fairly straightforward: We have invited these animals to be part of our world, so it’s only right that we afford them the legal protections and responsibilities that go along with membership in a modern society.

In Kymlicka’s words: “We need to create a shared interspecies society which is responsive to the interests of both its human and animal members.” That means not killing domesticated animals for food, but it also means respecting what we believe to be their wishes. Dogs seem to like walks, so that’s fine, but do horses enjoy being ridden?

Kymlicka’s book, Zoopolis, sounds fascinating, and I may just put it on my Christmas reading list.

—2. If dogs are citizens, they will have to answer for their crimes—


—3. Like this dog, who’s obviously sorry—

I’d leave the sound off for this one.

—4. Finally, one of our readers sent us this absolutely adorable picture—

Thanks. Kimberly!
Thanks. Kimberly!

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