NonProphet Status (NPS) is an online forum for addressing religious and moral questions from a collaborative and curious, rather than combative, perspective. NPS is an attempt to change the way we talk about atheism and religion, promoting compassion, culture, and social fluency while discouraging insularity, obsession with debate, and hero-worship.

The blog was started by Chris Stedman in 2009, and he ran it for the next several years. In that time, he worked to expand the blog into a platform that hosts a broad range of voices, all aiming to provide a different perspective on atheism that’s centered on shared values and an aim to humanize different parties across religious divides. NPS has since been carried on by one of those voices he recruited. You can read Chris’s writing at his Religion News Service (RNS) blog.

Vlad Chituc is a freelance writer and a research associate at Duke University He graduated with a B.S. in psychology from Yale University in 2012, where he studied a lot of philosophy and nonfiction writing. He grew up in a small town in rural, upstate New York, and currently live in Durham, NC. You can read more about him here.

NPS’s contributors include Andreas Rekdal, Alex Chituc, Sarah Jones, Wendy Webber, Walker Bristol, and Stephen Goeman.

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