Australian Woman Shot by Police Was a Pseudoscientific Spiritual “Healer”

Australian Woman Shot by Police Was a Pseudoscientific Spiritual “Healer” July 17, 2017

Justine Damond, the blonde Australian woman who was wrongfully shot by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was a pseudoscientific “healer” who promoted unproven methods of meditation.

Damond, who also went by the last name Ruszczyk, was tragically killed by the police after she called 911 to report a possible assault near her home. She was shot by one of the officers and their body cameras weren’t turned on, according to reports.

Source: Facebook
Photo from Justine’s Facebook Page

Damond ran meditation workshops at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and gave presentations on the “neuroscience” behind energy healing. She also talked about how quantum mechanics can be used to heal the spirit and “change your life.”

During a July 2 talk at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, Damond said:

“I’m working to teach people about themselves from the level of quantum physics, from the level of neuroscience, so you can learn about how your brain works and how you can use it to create the state of health that you want and the life that you want. We’re also teaching people about epigenetics, so how you can turn your genes on and off by the way that you think and feel, and begin to affect your state of health.”

Damond went on to describe the process as something that seems like “miracles happening in the world.” She also regularly promoted a movie called “What the Bleep do We Know” – the premise of which has been debunked by dozens of scientists.

In addition to the “Mirror Effect,” which describes the alleged relationship between thoughts and body health, Damond promoted E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), created by well-known pseudoscientist Joseph Mercola.

On her website, Damond says we shouldn’t “wait” for scientists who “are only just standing in the doorway of discovery.”

Great advances in science over the last 20 years or so have seen us finally begin to unravel some of the extraordinary mysteries of the human brain and body. Through leading fields such as quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics, we are discovering the exquisite intricacies of not only how the brain functions, but also how it interacts with the heart and the body, and most fascinatingly, how it contributes to creating the personal reality we experience as our “life.”

All in all, it seems like Damond was doing her best to help people the only way she knew how. Her beliefs may not be supported by the scientific consensus, but she didn’t try to hurt people and she didn’t deserve what happened to her. This shooting, like all others involving innocent deaths by police, should spur real change in law enforcement.

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