Christian Says 85-Year-Old Woman Died Because Her Son Didn’t Believe in God

Christian Says 85-Year-Old Woman Died Because Her Son Didn’t Believe in God July 16, 2017

What’s the first thing you think when an 85-year-old woman dies of old age? For Eric, it was “Blame her atheist son for her death!”

Eric, a Christian, was good friends with Rob for five years despite their differing beliefs. Rob is an atheist who used to host a podcast called “Beyond Gods.”

Rob says he loaned Eric $37 that he never repaid, but other than that everything was fine between the two of them. That was until Rob’s mom, who had progressive dementia, died of old age.

Eric sent the following (incredibly hateful) message:

Should have believed in GOD!!!! Your mom would still be here!!!”

Screenshot provided by Rob.
Those good ol’ Christian morals (please don’t behave this way).

Rob, who is retired from podcasting, decided to make a video in response to Eric. In it, he addresses the “disheartening” message from his “friend.”

So, let’s think about this for a second: either I believe in god or you’re going to take my mom?” Rob asked in the video. “My mom was going to die no matter what. Me believing in god has nothing to do with that, OK?

Rob goes on to explain that “people die every day” regardless of their religious beliefs.

I didn’t lose my mom because I didn’t believe in god. My mom had progressive dementia, that just got worse and worse and worse… The point of the matter is that if your god is going to kill or take away one of my loved ones because I don’t believe, then your god is a cunt.”

Rob says people are entitled to their beliefs, but that he can’t be held accountable for disbelieving when no real evidence has been provided. On that point (and almost every other one), I agree!

“I didn’t lose my mom because I don’t believe in god. I lost my mom because it was her time to go. She died of old age. What Eric said was cruel and uncalled for.

Rob ended the video by calling out what he deemed Eric’s homophobic and racist behavior.

“Eric, if you’re watching this video, I have a message for you: You are a mean, hateful man, you’re cruel, you’re a racist, you’re a homophobe. I know these things about you, Eric, because you told me. You have told me several times how you hate gay people, and how if you ever saw two gays in an alley you would beat them up.”

I don’t know if any of this is true, but I do know Eric’s original message is wrong. I would say the same thing if an atheist did the same thing in reverse, as well (though I haven’t seen deaths blamed on theism specifically). The point is we are all people here, and we should be able to be respectful despite even the strongest religious disagreements.

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