The Church of Scientology Accused Me of “Anti-Religious Bigotry” – Here’s My Response

The Church of Scientology Accused Me of “Anti-Religious Bigotry” – Here’s My Response August 2, 2017

I recently visited the Church of Scientology’s secret underground nuclear-safe bunkers near my house, and wrote up the experience in a blog post. They didn’t like that very much, and they sent me an email accusing me of “anti-religious bigotry” (possibly hoping for an apology or retraction).

The international director for Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination (STAND), a recognized front group for the church, said my article describing my experiences walking around their compound amounts to “discrimination” against Scientologists. In reality, it’s likely that they didn’t like that more details about their hidden mountain base were getting out.

“When writing about Bruce Springsteen, George Clooney or Mark Wahlberg do you go out of your way to disparage their religion with snarky comments because each actor was raised a Catholic?” – Edward Parkin, International Director of STAND

Oh, no! Not those big bad snarky comments.

“Would you ridicule the late Muhammad Ali’s Islamic faith? Or Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs, because they differ from yours?”

I would certainly criticize all of those faith-based dogmatic religious systems, yes.

Parkin goes on to say they respect my “right to freedom of speech,” but I suppose we will see if that’s true with time.

Here’s the email in full:

I just checked off a bucket list item.
They also sent this exact email to Patheos.

In my response, I clarify that my blog is called “No Sacred Cows” for a reason.

I challenge all belief systems, and apply critical analysis to all faith-based doctrines, whether it’s Scientology or Mormonism or Islam or anything else. I critique them all, without special treatment or Sacred Cows.”

Here’s my complete reply:

I held back a lot in my reply.
Was I polite enough?

Parkin hasn’t yet responded to my email, but I’ll update this post if and when he does. In the meantime, I’m only sure of one thing: if they didn’t like my first article, they definitely won’t like this one. And the last thing they’d want you to do is share it around as much as humanly possible. 😉

If you want to help support my work (and now possibly legal costs associated with this awkward encounter), please donate here:

Any amount helps!


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