Writer Who Compared Gay People to Rapists and Thieves Says Sorry to Thieves

Writer Who Compared Gay People to Rapists and Thieves Says Sorry to Thieves September 11, 2017

Lance Wells, an anti-LGBT writer and musician who has compared gay people to rapists, murderers, Nazis, and thieves, just issued a formal apology… to thieves.

“It’s recently come to my attention that some people have indicated that they were upset because, in one of the appendices of my book, I compared the LGBT community to rapists. Additionally, on page 338, I drew an analogy to rapists, murderers, and thieves. So I guess people are upset, and I’ve been thinking it over, and I’ve decided that I would like to offer a public apology… to thieves,” Wells said in a video published on YouTube Sunday. The video is titled, Lance Wells apologizes for “LGBT”-related quote!

Wells adds that, according to the Bible, the punishment for theft is less severe than for homosexuality.

“According to this book, when a thief is apprehended, he or she is required to pay some multiple of the amount that was stolen. Whereas, according to both the Old Testament book of Leviticus and the New Testament Letter to the Romans, the justified punishment for homosexuality is… well, let’s just say, a bit more serious.

What he is referring to, of course, is the death penalty for gay people. Under biblical standards, he says, we should kill homosexuals – and only make thieves repay a multiple of what they stole. He makes the case for capital punishment against members of the LGBT community in his book, as well.

Wells goes on to apologize to any “robbers or burglars who may have suffered some undue degree of punishment” as a result of his “comparing their deeds to homosexuality.”

Who is Wells?

I discovered Wells and his self-published book, The Truth Comes Out: Laying Waste to the Lies of the “LGBT community,” in July and exposed anti-LGBT hate speech in his work. Among other things, he said being a member of the LGBT community is “a form of rape.”

“Once again, the proponents of these lifestyles intend nothing less than the spiritual – if not yet the physical – rape of society. If they cannot hypnotize, cajole, pressure, and threaten people into believing that their lifestyle is of equal (or greater) value by way of a constant barrage of unfounded and ludicrous assertions of normalcy, they will do all that they can to eliminate their opponents from the picture.”

Wells took the comparison even further:

Just as a woman can continue to strive to resist the forceful advances of someone who is attempting to rape her, we can refuse to surrender to the onslaught of homosexual propagandists – even if saying no to them results in being sued, arrested, tortured, or killed.”

He also said he wanted gay people to be punished by the government, presumably with death.

“I would prefer to see the United States reenact laws condemning these unhealthy and indecent lifestyles in the most certain of terms, implementing serious consequences for those found guilty of practicing and promoting them. For such people are, quite literally, enemies of the state.”

Since that time, Wells has been trolling the reviews on my books (and my fan page) with personal insults, most likely because people saw quotes from his book and left it one-star reviews on Amazon. In an earlier attempt to compensate for this, he left himself a glowing review.

Now, responding to his critics (his book has one star and 48 reviews), Wells has made a video apologizing to thieves and doubling down on his anti-LGBT rhetoric. At the end of the video, Wells burns my first book, Disproving Christianity, in a small stove.

Wells also purchased No Sacred Cows, but didn't burn it.
Wells burned the first edition of Disproving Christianity, but there is an updated version with numerous edits.

Wells, if you are reading this (and I’m sure you are), here are some of my more recent books you failed to burn: No Sacred CowsAtheist AnswersThe Book of GodsThe Belief Book, and Mom, Dad, I’m an AtheistPlease feel free to buy and burn as many copies as you can, and send me videos.

For everyone else, please consider supporting my work through Patreon: Any amount helps, and the money helps me take down people like Wells.

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