So-called “Prophet” Tila Tequila Wants God to “Blow Up the Planet!”

So-called “Prophet” Tila Tequila Wants God to “Blow Up the Planet!” February 19, 2018

Tila Tequila, the former reality TV star who has gone off the rails in recent years with her beliefs about the Illuminati and the “Flat Earth,” has now taken it a step further, and some of her fans are asking her to seek psychological help.

Last month, Tequila stated that “more pornstars [sic] are dying or have died” because she “prayed for it to be!” Specifically, she took responsibility for the death of adult actress Olivia Nova (Tequila herself was a porn actress in her younger years).

“Looks like more pornstars are dying or have died! Yikes,” she wrote. “You all better get out of this industry asap because more deaths and deadly diseases will hit this particular industry very soon because I prayed for it to be! God is now working his way to make this happen! Don’t say I didn’t warn you all!”

She continued, “I suggest those in the porn industry to repent of your sins so that you MAY be saved! FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Olivia was found dead of a drug overdose in Las Vegas on Jan. 9, just days after tweeting she was all alone for the holidays.

Since then, Tequila’s Facebook page has gotten even darker, and more confusing. She regularly claims to have “conversations” with God, and on Valentine’s Day she posted that he will bring a purge of humans.

“Thank God for my buddy Jesus making us saved ones a NEW EARTH with NO degenerates!!!! Every night and day I pray for Jesus to hurry up and come blow up the planet! I pray this at least 10 times a day! And it will be done!! Wooohoooo!!!! Do not spare children of the Satanic seeds either! They will not be spared!!!!!! #WOKE”

She wants God is going to "blow up the earth" and she wants it to happen now.
Tila Tequila thinks God is going to “blow up the earth” and she wants it to happen now.

While some of the people commenting on Tequila’s Facebook page expressed their love and support, others called her out for being an extremist. She responded to the latter in a comment of her own, saying, “Most of you commenting here will most likely be tossed into the lake of fire!

Tequila was also criticized for mental instability, and some users even asked how she has been allowed to keep custody of her daughter considering her erratic (and potentially threatening) behavior. I invite you to check out her Facebook page on your own, and see for yourself how unhinged she’s become.

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