Student Stops Church Shooting and Is Shot by Cops, But You Didn’t Hear About It

Student Stops Church Shooting and Is Shot by Cops, But You Didn’t Hear About It February 15, 2018

There are now so many shootings in the United States that they eclipse one another, and some go completely unnoticed.

Yesterday, most people were reading about the school shooting in Florida, where a former student came and murdered at least 17 people. Most people were reading about that incident for good reason, too. It was by far the deadliest shooting that happened that day, and one of the most tragic school shootings in our country’s history.

But the nature of the news cycle is such that smaller shootings don’t get as much attention as the others. That’s why you probably don’t know that a gunman held about 150 people hostage in a church in Texas yesterday, and that one man is still hospitalized as a result.

What’s normally a place of worship turned into a crime scene when a man entered Faith City Mission with a handgun.

“They said there was a gun in the building everyone started running all different ways,” said Clay Murdock, a student at Faith City Mission.

Murdock said he tried to get as many people inside their sound room as possible.

We’re standing in there and everyone starts praying,” said Murdock. “I went outside to see what was going on if I could get more people in there and right when as I went outside the guy was standing right in front of me with the pistol.”

Fortunately, no one was killed. But it’s an incredible story involving heroism and police shooting the wrong man, so it’s a shame the media missed it.

Amarillo Police said the initial [call] came in around 8:54 a.m. and indicated there was an armed suspect inside who had 100 to 150 people held hostage in the chapel.

Sergeant Brent Barbee said officers entered the building when they encountered an individual who had a handgun.

The officers fired shots that struck the man,” said Barbee. “After some additional investigation, they’ve learned that the man that [had] the gun may have taken the firearm away from the original suspect in the call. The man who originally had the gun has been taken into custody.”

How many shots were fired?
Source: Amarillo Police Department release

In other words, multiple officers shot at a student who had just wrestled a gun away from someone who was holding the entire congregation hostage. They didn’t take the time to see that they nearly killed the hero of the story, and almost no one heard about it (I only found a few news reports).

I came across this story by accident by Google, so there are likely many more similar instances we’ve all missed. In fact, in November, I reported on a case in which people didn’t notice yet another fatal church shooting in the wake of the tragic incident at a small-town Baptist church that claimed 27 lives.

The shooting you may not have heard about took place in Fresno, Cailf., and two people died as a result. Much like the siege on the church in Sutherland Springs, which was said to have occurred amid an ongoing “domestic situation,” personal problems led someone to shoot up a church.

I don’t claim  to know all the answers here, but I do know shootings are becoming far too common if some of them go unnoticed. So spread the word if you can.

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