White Nationalist Richard Spencer’s Genetic Ancestry Test Shows African Heritage

White Nationalist Richard Spencer’s Genetic Ancestry Test Shows African Heritage June 2, 2018

White Nationalist and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer has publicly released his genetic heritage analysis from 23andMe, and it has a few surprises.

I posted my 23andMe results yesterday, and seeing the results made me wonder about how my genetic makeup might compare to people like Spencer who believe in racial separatism. I asked him if he’d sent in his DNA for analysis, and he agreed to make the results public.

Spencer has shared parts of his genetic summary before, often emphasizing his German heritage. And while it’s true that he is mostly English and German, he also has some DNA that can be traced to Western and East Asia, North Africa, and even Sub-Saharan Africa.

It really puts things into perspective.
Screenshot provided by Richard Spencer.

Spencer played down the minority results, pointing out that 0.1% “isn’t much of anything.” But when the discussion is about racial purity, it is relatively important.

If you were to guess my ethnicity looking at me, you probably would have been right,” Spencer said in a direct message. “English + German mostly.”

Spencer may not read too much into these results, but it does pose some interesting questions. If we are meant to separate ourselves by race, should he go back to England or Germany? Should I go to Ireland or Poland? If all of us have mixed and varied DNA from across numerous ethnic groups, does race matter all that much?

Personally, I see this new era of genetic testing as a good thing. More and more people are able to trace their heritage via DNA and see that there is no “Master Race” after all.

Well, what do you think?

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