Religious Hate Group to Women: If You “Talk Back” to Men, God Will Kill You

Religious Hate Group to Women: If You “Talk Back” to Men, God Will Kill You July 8, 2018

In a terrifying video posted yesterday to YouTube, a racist group of religious extremists in Chicago claim “the Messiah” will come back and kill black women “in masses.”

The group, which is identified as GMS Chicago, appears to be linked to the Black Hebrew Israelites. The men are part of a militant black supremacy cult that believes African Americans – not Jews – are God’s true “Chosen People.”

The belief system of extremist Hebrew Israelites is basically the reversed-color mirror image of the Christian Identity theology embraced by many white supremacists, which holds that mainstream Jews are the descendants of Satan and that white people are the chosen ones, divinely endowed by God with superior status over “mud people,” believers’ term for non-white individuals.

The members in the video make it clear that they believe God has chosen men, and specifically black “Hebrew” men, to rule over women who should be subservient. The video is filled with sexist, racist comments mostly directed at black women.

The main speaker is in the center here in a green shirt.

The main speaker begins his tirade by attacking movies that show women “beating up” men, something he says is completely unrealistic.

“That’s the movies, motherfucker,” he says in the live-recorded video on YouTube. “Soon as a motherfucker starts trouble, what’s the first thing you see in any goddamn riot? The bitches screamin’ and runnin’ and getting beat, and getting fucking killed.

He adds that women don’t have any “physical power,” “spiritual power,” or “mental power” over any man, “especially a man of God.”

Want to keep playing with the men of the Lord? The Messiah is going to kill you. The Messiah is going to jack you up,” he yells into the vertical-facing camera. “And if you’re righteous, he’ll still jack your ass up. You righteous women are still going to fuck off.”

Next, a second man chimes in and says that some women say they believe in God but don’t live up to (his interpretation of) the Bible. The main speaker interjects and points to 1 Timothy 2:12, which says, “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

He interprets that to mean that women can’t ask men where they have been, or even ask them to do things around the house. It’s pretty clear he’s speaking from personal experience (something he admits later).

“You don’t do that. That’s talking back, that’s being out of order, and the Messiah will jack your ass up.

As if things couldn’t get worse, he claims that men can literally ask God to punish women and “He” will do just that. He says God will “put her in her place” if asked by a true man of God.

Keep in mind that we are four minutes into a 30-minute video. He goes on to say even more ridiculous (and offensive) stuff, including basically admitting to violently abusing at least one woman.

Stay in your fucking place! We are not the same. When’s the last time you saw a lioness jacking up a male lion?”

I can’t stand to transcribe much more of this, but I sincerely hope you will watch the video – or at least share this article to spread it. We need to know what we’re facing, and this particular threat seems dangerous. You can watch the video here (but please brace yourself):

Yours in Reason,

David G. McAfee

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