Republican Candidate Who Says She Was Abducted by Aliens Gets Major Endorsement

Republican Candidate Who Says She Was Abducted by Aliens Gets Major Endorsement August 21, 2018

A Republican congressional candidate who says she was abducted by aliens is being taken seriously, as evidenced by a recent endorsement from a major local newspaper in Florida.

She shares her story in Spanish
Source: YouTube

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a conservative running to replace retiring fellow Republican Miami Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, first told the Miami Herald about her “abduction” by extraterrestrials last year. She reportedly believes three “blond,” big-bodied aliens visited her when she was seven years old, and continued to telepathically communicate with her throughout her life.

She described “going up” inside the spaceship — though whether it went into space or just hovered around town was left unclear.

“I went in. There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship — not like airplanes,” Rodriguez Aguilera said…

Among the things she said she found out from the aliens:

▪ There are 30,000 skulls — “different from humans” — in a cave in the Mediterranean island of Malta.

▪ The world’s “energy center” is in Africa.

▪ The Coral Castle, a limestone tourist attraction South Miami-Dade, is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

▪ “God is a universal energy.”

She also said that the aliens had mentioned Isis, though she didn’t clarify if they meant the terrorist organization or the ancient Egyptian goddess.

That is some pretty out there stuff she believes. And now the Miami Herald – the same paper that broke this story – has officially endorsed the… controversial candidate.

The Editorial Board was most impressed by Rodriguez Aguilera, now a business consultant.

We realize that Rodriguez Aguilera is an unusual candidate. Last year, she told the Miami Herald — and several Spanish-language media outlets — that she believes in extra-terrestrials. She says when she was 7, she was taken aboard a spaceship and, throughout her life, she has communicated telepathically with the beings, which remind her of the concrete Christ in Brazil. There you have it.

“This is a non-issue,” she told the Board. We agree.

I won’t write off a candidate just because they believe differently, but it’s almost certainly an “issue” in that it will come up during the election and probably make her look bad. If someone is looking for a reasonable and logical candidate who supports science programs, for instance, a candidate that believes in debunked nonsense probably won’t do as well.

The issue of alien abduction might also come up if voters start to worry about how Rodriguez Aguilera might respond to a potential threat. Will she think aliens are to blame for particular actions, and will she telepathically communicate with aliens before making decisions?

All in all, though, I have a feeling Rodriguez Aguilera’s candidacy will be rejected more for her policies than for her false alien beliefs. She is going to have to face off against Republicans and Democrats alike, meaning her political record will be closely inspected.

Well, what do you think?

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