Christian Activist Joshua Feuerstein Mad About Being “BANNED” by Twitter

Christian Activist Joshua Feuerstein Mad About Being “BANNED” by Twitter September 14, 2018

Christian evangelist and well-known whiner Joshua Feuerstein has officially been suspended from Twitter, and he is not happy.

Feuerstein, who is most well known for complaining about Starbucks and their cups that didn’t feature Jesus enough for him, is now upset that he was suspended from Twitter. He conveniently left out why his account was put on ice, but he didn’t hesitate to send out messages letting his followers know how to keep in touch.

Josh posted the same message on his official Facebook page.

I checked it out for myself, and it’s true. Twitter has indeed suspended his account, but there are still no further details available.

My guess is that Feuerstein followed in the footsteps of Alex Jones, who was recently banned from several social media platforms for breaking their terms of service. It’s likely that he promoted hate speech in some way, or was reported for one of his more sexist rants. I’ve been suspended from Facebook and Twitter several times, so this can happen to anyone.

What everyone doesn’t do is blame the suspension on censorship. Some of us realize that we broke the rules, or that the company perceived our behavior as that which breaks the rules, and move on.

Also like Jones, Feuerstein is not taking that same path. He is playing the victim, which is typical for him.


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