Watch These “Loving” Christians React to a Polyamorous Couple Existing

Watch These “Loving” Christians React to a Polyamorous Couple Existing November 20, 2018

As a polyamorous person, it was interesting – but not surprising – to see how “loving” Christians responded to the existence of a poly couple going viral.

Daniel, Bella, and Ken told their story to a show called Extreme Love, and it was actually pretty interesting to learn about their unique romantic dynamics. But for some people online (especially fervent believers), it was too much to handle.

They look happy to me.
Source: EXTREME LOVE on YouTube.

EXTREME LOVE posted the video on Facebook, which was possibly their first mistake. The link to that thread is here.

While there were some comments that showed apparent support for the three consensual lovers, many others were filled with hate and uninformed bigotry. The negative responses seemed to have a pattern:

Hmm no.
You get married to God first…” Umm, no, thank you.

One or two hateful comments from fundamental religious followers would be one thing, but there were plenty to choose from. Here’s another:

It’s interesting that marriage is still equated with ownership to these people.

And here’s another:

Poor, confused people.
How do you know their marriage vows?

And some more:

More "Christian" love.
So many bad arguments, I don’t know which to choose.

After reading all of these hateful comments, and more on that thread I linked above, I came to the conclusion that none of it matters. Not the hatred they are spewing; that matters because we need to fight against it. What I mean is that these people’s opinions don’t matter.

Daniel, Bella, and Ken are all adults, and they’re engaging in an ethically non-monogamous relationship that they all consent to. This has nothing to do with anyone except for those directly involved, and that obviously doesn’t include any of these people leaving the hateful faith-inspired comments.

So, to these three, I say congratulations on finding a happy situation in life. We have no right to control what others do with their bodies, and neither does “God.”


Stay Reasonable,

David Gee

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