What Can You Do When Someone Takes Your Child to an Anti-Gay Church?

What Can You Do When Someone Takes Your Child to an Anti-Gay Church? March 15, 2019

Andi has a five-year-old son, but the father (from whom she is separated) wants to take the boy to his church, which is against homosexuality.

It’s a terrible situation, and Andi isn’t the only parent to be in this position. All over the world, there are people who have to deal with other people taking their kids to anti-gay churches.

In Andi’s case, she is not religious at all (she identifies as agnostic). Yet her son’s dad wants to take him to C3 Church in San Diego, which is explicitly against same-sex marriage.

We believe that marriage is a covenant relationship created by God to be shared between one man and one woman. Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:1-9

The church is also wrong about other things:

We believe in a literal hell and a literal heaven. Matthew 25:41,45-46

We believe that you must be born again to get into heaven, that you cannot get to heaven by any other way other than faith in Jesus Christ. Not by good works or by being religious. Ephesians 2:8-9, John 3:3-6

We believe that our church exists to raise up Christian leaders that will preserve our freedoms and the Christian principles our nation was founded on, and to bring Biblical truth to the issues and to the segments of society that affect the culture. 2 Chronicles 3:17

As if opposing gay marriage isn’t enough, this church is also teaching its members that there is a literal hell (where same-sex couples would go, no doubt), and that the United States is actually a Christian nation. These are terrible things for a child to learn, yet that’s exactly what Andi’s kid is in for right now.

Andi strongly disagrees with the tenets of this church, but she doesn’t know what else to do. Personally, I encouraged her to get some books – such as the Belief Book, the Book of Gods, and the Book of Religions – to help counter the indoctrination her son gets.

But unlearning hate isn’t entirely easy, and Andi is hoping other readers here have some suggestions, or at least comments on what they would do in her situation.

“I know I can’t necessarily stop it, but I’m at a loss here,” she told me in a Facebook message. “I’ve made every argument about how he is too young to understand and his dad doesn’t care.”

Andi said she asked the father about the fact that his church believes the boy’s own mother will literally spend an eternity burning in a lake of fire. He reportedly responded with, “Well, everyone can accept Jesus Christ and get into heaven.”

If you have any advice or messages for Andi, please post them here.

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