Indian Army Claims it Found “Yeti” Footprints, But Experts Say It’s a Black Bear

Indian Army Claims it Found “Yeti” Footprints, But Experts Say It’s a Black Bear May 3, 2019

It’s 2019, so of course there is a government agency claiming it found evidence of Bigfoot.

Specifically, I’m talking about the Indian Army, which claimed on Twitter to have discovered footprints made by a so-called yeti. Believers in the mythical beast – also called Sasquatch and the abominable snowman in different regions – were undoubtedly excited about the military agency’s reported discovery.

While most people on social media mocked the army’s claim, some people accepted it no questions asked.

There are many people who believe in the yeti, and noted naturalist Sir David Attenborough has even said he wants to seek the creature out, but one expert says the prints “almost certainly” come from a bear.

Conservationist Daniel C. Taylor, one of world’s foremost experts on the mythical yeti, has spent 35 years disproving the creature’s existence. He says a 35-inch footprint would be like a “dinosaur.”

“And we are quite sure dinosaurs don’t exist in the Makalu-Barun national park,” he said. “The most logical explanation is that it is almost certainly a Himalayan black bear (Ursus thibetanus), a very dangerous bear that lives at this altitude.”

He also explained how the footprints could be that size.

Normally, with bears, the hind foot falls on top of the print of the front foot when they walk so that they make less noise in the jungle. When they walk up a slope, typically, the hind foot will fall a little bit behind the front foot and the footprints become elongated. That makes it look like a human footprint as opposed to a bear footprint, which is more round,” he explained. “Having studied the photographs — and I would really like to get better material from the Indian Army — I’d say there is also a cub. The cub usually hops like a rabbit behind the mother, so a cub trying to follow a mother through the snow puts down all four feet at a time. So the cub’s feet are going down on the mother’s feet and that is creating a 35-inch footprint.”

The expert’s opinion aligns with the Nepal Army, which contradicted the claims made by their neighbor.

Nepal Army spokesperson, Brigadier General Bigyan Dev Pandey, told Hindustan Times that a Nepal Army liaison team was with the Indian Army team when the footprints were sighted.

Brigadier Pandey said locals and porters claimed that the footprints belonged to a wild bear. “A team of Indian Army had noticed the footprints and our liaison team was together with them… We tried to ascertain the fact, but locals and porters claimed that it is the footprints of wild bear that frequently appear in that area,” Brigadier General Pandey told Hindustan Times.

So, you have locals saying it’s a bear, conservationists saying it’s a bear and explaining how it left those prints, yet India’s army is sticking to its story. We’ll see if they ever decide to present actual evidence.

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