Creationist Ray Comfort Claims He Made “A Lesbian Atheist” Change Her Mind

Creationist Ray Comfort Claims He Made “A Lesbian Atheist” Change Her Mind June 28, 2019

Young Earth Creationist and “Banana Man” Ray Comfort claims that he made “a lesbian atheist” change her mind, but the reality is a completely different story.

He paid her $5 for the hostile exchange.

Comfort and his Living Waters ministry posted that the video shows him as he “reasons with two people, offering a simple scientific line of reasoning that points to the obvious reality of God’s existence.” In the real world, though, they had a combative exchange after which she remained a lesbian and likely an atheist.

The video takes place in Huntington Beach, Calif., where Comfort appears to be yelling at strangers. It begins with him offering $5 to two people, including the young woman who is the subject of the headline, for answering his questions.

“Have you ever looked at a guy with lust,” Comfort asked the 18-year-old woman. Laughing, she replied, “I’m a lesbian.”

“Have you ever looked at a woman with lust?” he asked her. “Absolutely” was the response.

“By your own admission, you’re a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterous harlot,” he said. “Absolutely,” she responded again.

Comfort goes on to ask the patient woman if she would be found guilty or innocent if she were judged by God based on the Ten Commandments on Judgment Day, and then if she would go to heaven or hell. He thinks he’s setting her up for a logical trap, but it doesn’t really work.

When she says she doesn’t believe in heaven or hell, and therefore doesn’t fear it, Comfort insists that those are not part of Christian “beliefs” but are in fact reality.

“You try that in a court of law. If you’re found guilty of a serious crime, and the judge says you’re going to the electric chair, you go in there and say, ‘Judge, I don’t believe in the electric chair.’ It doesn’t change the outcome,” the Creationist says.

The young woman is extremely polite, explaining that her reality doesn’t involve magical beings that tell her right from wrong, but Comfort continues to push her further. He then vowed to prove to her that God is real “in about two minutes.”

Comfort posits that it would be “crazy” to believe that a literal book, with pages and words, was created out of nothing. He then insists that DNA, found within all of us, is like a book for our genetic system, which would make atheists “super crazy on steroids.” After this line, at 6:22 in the video, there is a cut in the recording where it skips her answer.

She then says, “So I’m agnostic then.” This is the “mind change” that Comfort felt was worth sending me an email about. She didn’t say she was straight or a Christian and, considering you can be agnostic and atheistic at the same time, she didn’t really say anything at all.

I once had my own interaction with Comfort, who is returning to TV in the near future. Here’s what that photo looked like:

This girl gave Comfort a similar look, so I don’t think he got through to her in any way It’d be interesting to find out more about this girl, though, and maybe interview her. If you know who she is, have her contact me.

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