Help Stop Preacher Who Encourages Child Sex Abuse and Works With Kids

Help Stop Preacher Who Encourages Child Sex Abuse and Works With Kids September 7, 2019

A Christian street preacher who lives in the Netherlands and works with young children has continued to operate on Facebook despite repeated posts defending and encouraging child sex abuse. I need your help to stop him.

Image via Paulsson’s Facebook profile.

Johan Emmanuel Paulsson, a European evangelist, has continually posted on social media that it’s completely acceptable to marry and have sex with “young women” between 12 and 17 years old. He also works as a childcare worker and teacher, according to his profile on LinkedIn.

I talked to Paulsson via Facebook, and he denied sexually assaulting any children but admitted seeing “young women as 12+” years old.

“Maturity has to do with physical maturity…. Physical maturity has to do with menstruation and puberty, their physical change,” he wrote to me. “Parents need to train their children in a young age in order for their children to be ready for marriage between 12-17 years old.”

Paulsson has posted several disturbing things on Facebook, some in English and some in his own native language, although many have been removed:

Paulsson, who chooses atheists, agnostics, and feminists as his targets on Facebook, goes on to support his earlier claims several days later.

Paulsson’s posts were filled with negative comments from reasonable people who decided to call him out, but he was allowed to continue making them for days. After several reports on his content, Paulsson appears to have received a temporary ban on that account.

However, Paulsson has continued to operate under a pseudonym account that you can find here. He posts similar content there.

It’s not clear if there are any police investigating Paulsson, although one Swedish resident did contact her local police ( Other citizens have likewise tried to get the authorities involved.

Here’s the contact link John shared in the comment above. If you have a few minutes, I hope you’ll take that time to report him to Facebook and local authorities. Anything else you can come up with, such as reports on other social media, are also welcome. This can’t continue.


Thank you all!



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