Andrew Yang Says Dr. Oz Has Made “A Lot of People Smarter About Their Health”

Andrew Yang Says Dr. Oz Has Made “A Lot of People Smarter About Their Health” October 9, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang promoted Dr. Oz this week, saying the former surgeon has “made a lot of people smarter about their health.”

Yang, who is often hailed by groups that emphasize science and reason, sent the tweet to his 918.7K followers on Monday, Oct. 7, ahead of an appearance on Dr. Oz’s show.

Dr. Oz, who was recently appointed to a position in Trump’s Administration, has been frequently criticized for promoting unproven cures that some say are dangerous. To see Yang promote Oz was jarring for some, as evidenced by the comments from his followers and from science communicators.

Other people responding to Yang pointed out specific things that Dr. Oz has promoted in the past, including “psychic mediums” and so-called “miracle berries.” The TV host doctor has also come under fire for selling “magic beans” as part of a purported diet plan.

Of course, some defended Yang’s decision to publicly praise Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz’s interview with Yang is scheduled to air Friday, Oct. 11, as part of the host’s candidate check-up series. The questions are about “the real future of medicine,” according to Dr. Oz’s website.

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