Atheists Asked Pro-Life Kevin Sorbo for Video Congratulating Them On An Abortion

Atheists Asked Pro-Life Kevin Sorbo for Video Congratulating Them On An Abortion October 27, 2019

Two pro-choice atheists decided on a unique way to spend $50: they asked notorious pro-life Christian actor Kevin Sorbo, who was once famous for his role as Hercules, to make a video congratulating them on a purported abortion.

Sorbo became well known for his time portraying the son of Zeus, but these days he is mostly representing another demigod who spent time on Earth away from his divine father: Jesus. Sorbo has recently been associated with films like God’s Not Dead and Unplanned, an anti-abortion movie.

Lukas Gauthier decided to prank Sorbo via, and he brought in his best friend “Annie” on the action. Lukas asked Sorbo for a video congratulating Annie on a recent abortion.

“It was the abortion we had together, it was my baby,” the request says. “We are both very excited that it got sucked out a science tube.”

Sorbo took the commission, but he didn’t exactly comply with the atheists’ request. Instead, he used the opportunity to lecture them on the horrors of abortions.

“So Annie and Lukas, I imagine this is supposed to be directed at me to be sarcastic because I’m a pro-life guy, but if it’s true that you really got an abortion, then I’m sorry you had an abortion,” Sorbo says, looking into the camera. “Because you could have had the baby, and you could have given it to a loving family. There’s a lot of people that want babies that can’t have them.”

While Sorbo is right that many people can’t have babies and want them, it’s also true that the adoption and foster system is overfilled with individuals who you might think could just find a home.

Sorbo adds that, if it’s a prank, it is a “sick way to be funny.”

“If this is funny for you guys, whatever. Kind of a sick way to be funny, but it does make me sad. It does,” the actor said. “Good luck with everything else. And Annie, I hope you don’t regret it.”

I talked to Lukas, and he had a response for Sorbo on the point of humor.

“Making factually inaccurate, right-wing Christian, scare tactic pro-life movies that are accessible to youth to feed a shitty political narrative is kind of a sick way to make money,” Lukas told me on Facebook.

Lukas also said the Cameo video will stay on the company’s website, on Sorbo’s file, forever.

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