Today is Bring Your Bible to School Day. Kids Should Bring Their Brains Instead.

Today is Bring Your Bible to School Day. Kids Should Bring Their Brains Instead. October 3, 2019

Today is Bring Your Bible to School Day, which was created years ago by Focus on the Family, but I have an alternate suggestion: Bring Your Brain to School Day.

Kids who are celebrating Bring Your Brain to School Day can bring copies of On the Origin of SpeciesA Brief History of Time, or if they’re feeling particularly brave, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything or The God Delusion. Another possibility is that they bring The Belief Book to school.

Thank you to the parents for sharing these photos!
On the left, Rochelle’s daughter getting an early start with The Belief Book. On the right, Melissa’s son, Freddy, who I met in Houston, Texas.

The Belief Book was written along with artist/writer Chuck Harrison in order to help kids better understand religions and faith, and since then it has become pretty popular, especially among secular home-schoolers. Unlike the Bible, The Belief Book provides a fun and fact-based description of where beliefs come from and how they can help shape our everyday lives (for better or worse).

The Belief Book also includes games and trivia about deities!

The Belief Book also has sequels, which the Bible lacks! If you liked the first one, there’s also The Book of Gods and The Book of Religions. They double as coloring books, and allow children to create their own gods and religions.

Organizers of the “bring your Bible” event expect that about 650,000 students will bring their Bible to school in an apparent celebration of blind faith and childhood indoctrination. They are also doing it as a protest to the Separation of Church and State, which doesn’t allow teachers to instruct that one religion is true but does allow kids to bring personal Bibles.

Instead of glorifying scientific ignorance and ancient rumors, imagine if kids brought a book that encourages critical thinking and the scientific method. Instead of #BringYourBible, kids could share their stories using #BringYourBrain. It could be especially good for people who oppose Focus on the Family, which has been criticized by the Human Rights Campaign.

I say next year we take back Bring Your Bible to School Day, and send kids to class with mind-opening books that encourage critical thinking and asking questions. If you have suggestions for how to best carry this out, please leave them in the comments below.

Thank you!

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