YouTube Bans “Harmful Treatments” Like Black Salve And Bleach Drinking

YouTube Bans “Harmful Treatments” Like Black Salve And Bleach Drinking November 11, 2019

YouTube has finally decided to ban videos that encourage the use of “harmful treatments” such as black salve and “Miracle Mineral Solution,” which is basically just drinking bleach, according to federal authorities.

YouTube announced on Friday that it was updating its terms of service effective Dec. 10. It mostly appears to be minor changes, but if you look at their terms, a new designation exists for videos promoting “harmful remedies and cures.”

“Promoting or endorsing the use of harmful substances or treatments is not allowed,” the updated terms say.

The list, which is not comprehensive and merely represents a small sample of potentially harmful “cures,” includes black salve and Miracle Mineral Solution. This blog went undercover last year to cover the story of “Theresa,” who died after using black salve – a topical paste that eats skin tissue – instead of real medicine, to treat her breast cancer. We have also covered MMS, a form of bleach that is being used on two autistic brothers against the wishes of their father who is trying to raise legal funds to stop it.

The FDA has warned people about both of these substances, saying black salves offer “the false promise of drawing cancer out from the skin” and are “potentially corrosive to tissues.” Regarding MMS, the acting commissioner of the FDA said ingesting the substance is “the same as drinking bleach.”

Currently, videos promoting both of these alleged treatments can be seen on various YouTube channels.

While you can’t currently report these issues to YouTube, that will change in a month when the new terms are formally made effective. YouTube explained what will happen to those who violate the rules:

If your content violates this policy, we’ll remove the content and send you an email to let you know. If this is the first time you’ve posted content that violates our Community Guidelines, you’ll get a warning with no penalty to your channel. If it’s not, we’ll issue a strike against your channel. Your channel will be terminated if you receive 3 strikes.

There is no telling if YouTube will follow through with this new enforcement policy, but if it does, then lives could be saved.

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