Conservative Activist Candace Owens Criticized By Fans for Anti-Atheist Tweet

Conservative Activist Candace Owens Criticized By Fans for Anti-Atheist Tweet December 8, 2019

Conservative commentator Candace Owens, known for her criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Democratic Party in general, was called out by her own followers after she posted a tweet that condemned not just “leftism” but also “atheism.”

Owens faced an avalanche of criticism from what appears to be primarily conservative atheists on Saturday when she said that “leftism, atheism, and narcissism are a packaged deal.” She typically sticks to right-wing political arguments, and it appears she unknowingly gathered a substantial secular following.

The comments in response to Owens’ tweet are almost all negative, including those from her most ardent supporters and those with the most reactions at the top. The first reply I saw was, “Totally missed the mark on this one Candace” followed by “Not at all true” and “Why would she even write this?

Here are some more:

It is clear that there are a high number of non-believers who are Republicans or otherwise conservative, and some aren’t shy about self-identifying as narcissists.

Some followers even suggested the ill-received tweet was part of a pattern of false tweets.

The negative comments didn’t go unnoticed, either.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, it should be surprising that this many atheist conservatives not only exist, but also that they actually stood up to Owens, whom they clearly support. I’m sure it surprised her.

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